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I have an older Tektronix TDS 5104 at work that the hard disk died on. No problem buying a new drive, but I cannot find any of the software install discs for the scope. Does anyone out there have the original discs that would be willing to copy, or an iso image of the drive that I could restore to a new drive? I figure that this is a long shot, but this is the best place to ask.

Lets see if I can help

Let's see if I can help.  You need a system restore disk for a Tek TDS5104 scope?  Not a TDS5104B, the B makes a difference.

Tek TDS5000 scopes use one of two operating systems (OS): Windows Mullennium or Windows 2000.  Do you remember what operating system your TDS5104 used? 

Tek TDS5000 scopes use one of two types of motherboard.  The early scopes with serial number B01xxxx through B02xxxx (and maybe higher) use Intel D810E2CB motherboards.  I don't believe this motherboard supports Windows 2000, not enough memory.  The later scopes with higher serial numbers used Intel motherboards with D815 chipsets.  I don't know the Intel model number.

With two versions of OS and two types of motherboard, Tek made 6 OS Restore CDs for TDS5000 scopes.  The part numbers are 063-3509-00 to 063-3509-05.  The first 4 are Windows Mellennium (-00 to -03) the last 2 are Windows 2000 (-04 and -05).  The first 3, part numbers (-00 to -02) support the early Intel 810E2CB motherboard.  I think the last 3, part numbers (-03 to -05) support the late motherboard with Intel D815 chipset.  Part number -03 is for Windows Mellennium with the later motherboard.  It's not clear how the scope's serial number tracks these changes.

The OS restore disk doesn't contain the scope's application software.  The good news is, this stuff can be downloaded from Tek's website for the scope's serial number and installed after the OS is installed.

I have an OS restore disk part number 063-3509-01. I think it supports a TDS5000 scopes with seral number B01xxxx and above.  I've attached the installation instructions.  I'll give you an ISO copy (all 600MB, it’s too big to email or post) if you tell me how, with the hope you do me a favor.  Tell me the details of your scope; seral number (the B and first 2 digits is enough), motherboard type, and post or email me a copy of the motherboard's BIOS. 

The reason I want the BIOS is, Tek customizes the bios with splash screens and a tag message that tells the application software’s installation press what the instrument is.  No tag no install.

You can copy of the BIOS by unzipping the attachment and running the portable executable program 'Universal BIOS Backup ToolKit 2.0.exe'.  Instructions are included, the program only reads to a specified file.  The output file will be about 500KBs that can posted or emailed.

The model is a plain TDS 5104, SN B0207__

In BIOS the motherboard is showing up as an EA81520A.

It came loaded with Windows 2000 embedded, the product serial keys for both Windows and Tektronix software are still intact.

Looked into the scope more, looks like the internal display is dead as well, external monitor port works. It's not looking good for it, not sure it is worth doing more on.

Thanks for the information.  The BIOS Version number shows your motherboard is in the D815 family.  I guess the internal display doesn't work if the system doesn't have its device driver.  The device driver is on the broken disk drive.

I have the remains of a TDS5104 SN B020452 with system disk drive.  It came with a D810E2CB motherboard. The motherboard died from bad buck regulator capacitors in the CPU's core power supply.  I replaced that motherboard with a D815EFV.  It should be like the motherboard in your scope. The new motherboard boots from the original disk. When Windows Mellennium starts, the icons for Tektronix Apps are on the display.  I don't know if the scope could be fully functional because the PC Interface board has a bad signal processing chip, IBM PowerPC405GB. In the eeVblog there's a thread from a guy who tried to replace that chip.  At the end, he gave up and bought another board. 

See the attached photo of my D815EFV motherboard installed in a scope SN B02xxxx aluminum back panel. Notice on the bottom right side, the LAN connector doesn't fit the hole the aluminum back panel. Does your scope look like this?

My D815EFV motherboard didn't come from Tektronx. It doesn't have a the tek BIOS with the tag that indicates it’s a TDS5000 series scope. It has splash screens displayed while the BIOS is setting up from Intel.  Does your scope display splash screens from Tektronix or Intel?

My reason for the questions is, did your scope get a tek factory update to the D815 family motherboard or did some one local update the motherboard like I did.  If the motherboard is a local update without the tek BIOS you may not be able to use OS Restore Disks.  No tag no install; but when I look at my OS Restore Disk, I don’t see Install Shield so maybe it will install. 

A reliable solution is to image a working disk and make a clone disk from the image for your scope. KEEP THE IMAGE. Making a writing the image, to a disk you will use as a clone, works well on a second computer with USB, preferably USB 3, via disk interface.  See the pdf attachment for an example.  I bought this gizmo on Ali Express, or eBay, for $12.  There is no software required to connect the disk, plug your disk onto the gizmo and connect the USB cable to your computer.  If the power drain of the disk is too large for USB, attach the included 12V wall wort.  Your attached disk will show up in the ‘This PC window’. 

You will need software to make an image and write the image to your clone disk.  I use HDClone, I had to buy it.  HDClone can write its image to disks with different numbers of cylinders and tracks.  For Acronic, the numbers for both cylinders and tracks need to be the same or larger.  Clonezilla is free and has resent updates, it may work but you have the same issues about disk type as Acronic.

I make images of all of my disk drives and file copies of the BIOS.  The disk image I have for the TDS5000 system disk is ~3GB.  I should fit on a DVD which I can snail mail to you.


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