Author Topic: Tektronix TDS6000B/7000B Series NVRAM dump script  (Read 114 times)

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Tektronix TDS6000B/7000B Series NVRAM dump script
« on: June 09, 2020, 08:15:55 pm »
Today I have been looking at a TDS6000B series scope. In the same spirit as the TDS5/6/700 series dump scripts, I've decided to write a small script which allows you to take a backup of the NVRAM and BIOS ROM on the PowerPC board.

Proceed as follows:

- In the c:\vxBoot folder (normally hidden, unhide if needed), rename the file topScript.hw to e.g. topScript-original.hw . Do not delete it!
- Put the topScript.hw attached to this post in the c:\vxBoot folder
- Restart the device
- If you have a console port and the device is open, you can monitor it. Upon completion, you can enter the vxWorks shell!
- After startup is complete, it will have created two files in the same folder: nvrdump.bin and biosdump.bin, which speak for themselves
- Next, delete the dump script and rename the original back to the old name

Please note it is likely incompatible with the non-B series, as the NVRAM base address is different. If someone could run this on a non-B series 6000/7000 and send me the dumps, I can try to locate the correct NVRAM address for these models.

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