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   So... once I escaped the Discord, I was actually able to get a little work done...  :-DD

Here the lens assemblies are, side by side, and things do look a lot better on this one.

   Well, until you look a little closer.  :o Now, not so good.

But... backlighting with a flashlight doesn't show any actual breaks... Hmmmmm.

   I think I've found the culprit.

This loop of the FPC is supposed to be held fast by pegs in the lens body, but they don't stay put and no adhesive was used. Unlike the other end, this area is not held in place by other parts pressed against the FPC.

The mass of the connector and all appears to be enough to pull it loose, and I can see it wiggle just by tapping gently. So pretty much from day one, any vibration is translated into movement concentrated right where the FPC is folded over itself, a natural weak point.

If I were cynical, I might think that were deliberate to ensure turnover.  ;)


Here I've stabilized this part of the FPC with a drop of CA and accelerant. Not pretty, but at least I should be able to handle the lens assembly without a repeat failure. Maybe I'll even be able to confirm continuity.  :-//



Allright... I'm going in...!  :scared:

Oh fuck me... there's nothing in the manual on servicing the optical assembly...   |O




--- Quote from: Saskia on September 18, 2021, 06:44:25 pm ---
--- Quote from: Cerebus on September 18, 2021, 06:15:41 pm ---
--- Quote from: mnementh on September 18, 2021, 05:49:44 pm ---*groaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnn...*

can't... reach... soggy ol' boot dispenser... *whummmmp*

Saskia, avenge us. I know you have his coordinates saved in the Suborbital Crowbar Launcher...

--- End quote ---

Everybody should have noticed that every time mustelids are mentioned I stoataly can't resist making puns. I'll do it even if you badger me. By now it should be the OP you blame for giving me an opening.

--- End quote ---

Had to look up mustelids. Now I somehow miss Catweasel, Catweazle, or was it Catstoat ...
don't remember ...
Argh. Flat joke we would call it here ...

--- End quote ---

I had to look up mustelid also.
It turns out I need one of these temporarily. 

Some creature is digging holes in my septic system to make a home.  I think it is a rather shitty place to make a home.
So much so that I have filled in holes, blocked entrances, etc. to make such critter feel unwelcome in the hope that it would move elsewhere.  So far, the critter has just created alternate entrance holes...  |O
Staying up all night & day to throw soggy boots at it is not an appealing option.  I have better things to do, like TEA.  A mustelid probably has nothing better to do than lie in wait for the critter...


--- Quote from: Specmaster on September 18, 2021, 04:11:49 pm ---
--- Quote from: mnementh on September 18, 2021, 03:44:21 pm ---
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--- Quote from: SilverSolder on September 18, 2021, 02:11:26 pm ---If you've ever tried adjusting convergence on an old school CRT colour TV, you will know the definition of "iterative insanity"!  :D

--- End quote ---

I have. That is exactly the kind of experience I'm talking about. You over-tweak one just too far and you're back at the beginning.
--- End quote ---


You simply have not lived until you've done survived the unholy convergence rituals necessary on a old Pioneer or Hitachi CRT projection set with analog panel.  :-DD

*speaks soothingly to the PTSD dwagon juddering in the deepest recesses of the tinkerdwagon's memories*
"there, there.... it's okay.... we'll never, ever have to do that again... we promise..." :o

--- End quote ---
Yes, but here is the interesting bit, if someone hadn't done it that way in the first instance, we would not have the system that we have today, someone has to do the pioneering bit to start with and then others find a better way of doing parts of it and these parts all get put together and slowly but surely we end with the modern era products. It makes zero difference be it electrical, electronics, aviation, mechanical etc, the evolution is much the same.

Compare the Wright Bros early plane

to the A380, things have come a long way but in a series of small improvements done over the years by hundreds of people all improving just a small part of the whole thing each time, its called progress.

--- End quote ---

Why stop with the A380?  Just to illustrate your own point, progress has continued.  The A220 combines together all of the advances in transport aircraft made since the A380.

So much so that I went out and bought one of these for myself.  Seriously, it is a die-cast model of the same livery as this picture, purchased from Airbus at the A220 assembly plant.  For some particular reason, none of the full-time employees would even touch the models in this livery  :-DD ; they were all buying the ones with the A220 paint job.   Maybe I acquired a collectible?


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