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--- Quote from: tggzzz on September 23, 2021, 10:51:13 pm ---
--- Quote from: Cerebus on September 23, 2021, 10:23:13 pm ---
--- Quote from: tggzzz on September 23, 2021, 08:39:27 pm ---Problem is I also want landline, just because I'm a belt-and-braces pessimist. Previously I had a BT landline and ISDN(!) connection, but the wires have been disconnected from the other pole outside my house.

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If you mean a copper landline you are probably out of luck, or will soon be. Openreach has been issuing "stop sell" orders for copper lines on FTTP enabled exchanges 12 months after they have enabled as FTTP in preparation for the complete withdrawal of copper telephony services on 31st December 2025. If they don't get a move on an properly publicise what they're doing a whole lot of shit is going to hit the fan in 4 and a bit year's time. At least one Bristol exchange is on "stop sell" to my certain knowledge.

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I need my existing phones to continue working. I believe there will be fibre to copper "adaptors"for existing phones, but that some specialised equipment like enfant operate alarms for the elderly will have problems.

Out of curiosity, which exchange is on stop sell?

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Mums alarm is running 4G with battery backup so the need for copper on that front can be worked around. The reality is the older now defunct copper based exchanges were less reliable than the mobile system.

We still have large chunks of the country with no coverage and way way to far away for DSL of any sort but there is either long range wireless or subsidized Satellite for those spots.


--- Quote from: Specmaster on September 24, 2021, 01:49:52 am ---I was just about to switch off and go to bed  :=\ when I had an email from eBay ping in, asking if I had got a solution from the seller of that elusive Fluke 85 yet? I replied in the negative and then in a very short order, like seconds, I get more emails informing that they were awarding me a full refund including the postage because of my problem and also the seller did not leave any tracking info which is these days a no-no with eBay.

Oh well, it was always going to be a gamble anyway with something that is badly listed, but it was still worth a punt, I have had some decent results in the past.  :-+

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Yeah, I still have to start a dispute on that counterfeit Otterbox. Been a bit busy with unpacking and trips to storage unit; pretty wiped out.

Then I wasted the whole day today degrunging, taking wife to work, then another trip to bring daughter to wife at work so son and I could go to our 2nd COVID jab appointment... only to find they closed the location we were supposed to go to without notifying us or removing the site from the scheduling database evidently, as we weren't flagged when we did our prescreen.

We wasted the whole day and 3 days worth of gas and all we got out of it was a cheap pizza on the way home, as we passed right by COSTCO.  |O

Fuckwidgets. :rant:

*toddles off to ded*


--- Quote from: Vince on September 24, 2021, 01:21:51 am ---
--- Quote from: mnementh on September 24, 2021, 12:05:01 am ---
--- Quote from: Vince on September 23, 2021, 05:14:03 pm ---
--- Quote from: cyclin_al on September 23, 2021, 04:44:21 pm ---In the GWN, the country is officially bilingual, so rotating the jar will reveal the English part of the label.
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Really ?!  :-DD

Oh didn't know that, that's cool !  8)

Here we have more and more stuff that's written in Arabic and / or some incomprehensible eastern Europe language like  Polish or Hungarian or what have you. I guess it costs too much money to make a 100% French label for French stuff....  ::)
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Vince, you are aware that while we are officially subjects of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, these are French colonies, right...? The original 5 colonies were once known known as New France, and included Qu├ębec, Hudson's Bay, Acadia, Newfoundland, and Louisiana. These territories were ceded by the French in the Treaty of Paris in 1763 following the Seven Year War. However, the French language is still very much a core part of the cultural identity, as it is with any nation and its descendant colonies.

As a result, pretty much everything here is marked bilingually; not just foods but even buildings and highway signage. Just as in certain regions of Tejas pretty much everything was labeled in both 'merkin English and Mexican Spanish.

It's pretty awesome, actually... I'm learning a dabble of French the same way I learned the little bit of Spanish I know... bumbling around town and just paying attention to labels and signs.  :-DD

Also it's amusing to sometimes see The Queen's English used where I expect 'merkin English. :o

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Dwagon, you just said it...freaking 1763 !!!!   :palm: Time for people up there to move on and get a life of their own !  :scared:
Imagine if we still lived in 1763 nostalgia herein France, fuck me what a world that would be !!  :scared:
Time passes... let past things... buried in the past. GWN is now much closer culturally and in their day to day life to the USA then they are from France. So if anything they should give up on anything French and speak Spanish too like you did in Texas !  ;D

You've got to let it go Maverick, let it go...

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Oh My My My!

You will be very disappointed if you look into Quebec politics.  It appears there is a push to be more French than the French...

I recommend for all our sanity that we go back to playing with electrons  :-DMM

-- in the meantime, I will go find a snack that has a label in all three, English/French/Spanish


--- Quote from: mansaxel on September 23, 2021, 09:15:45 pm ---NOW I remembered where I recognised the fun in "interference engine" -- it has to be a play on "Difference Engine" which is the title and subject of a SF novel by Gibson and Sterling, widely regarded as the spark of steampunk.  Not that it detracts from your innovative use of the concept, it is in style, and I'm all for it.

It's been in my shelf for some time, shall I reread it?

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I read it years ago, and I think I enjoyed it. But I enjoyed all that Gibson wrote, so there is that.
I believe it was less Gibson-y than the other ones (with a co-author, who would guess?) and that turned me off in the beginning.
Verdict: Read it  :-+

Edit: Just woke up, now I saw you asked about rereading it  :palm:
If you like something Gibson-y but not set in the future, sure. I've reread other Gibson and never regretted them...


--- Quote from: Vince on September 23, 2021, 10:12:25 pm ---
--- Quote from: Neper on September 23, 2021, 09:50:31 pm ---I gather the 'excursion totale' is the maximum frequency deviation of the wobulator.

--- End quote ---

Yes you were right ! Now that Robert just explained to me what a "Wobulator" was/meant in the first place, it all makes sense !  :-DD

Hell I can't get myself to put this thing in storage just now.. can't resist the temptation to conduct a few tests to see if I can get a signal ouf of any of the connector, and it see if I can get the built-in scope to display some waveform supplied by me. But that means risking being zapped and possibiy dying, that would be bad... I guess I will just put rubber gloves on  ! :-DD

--- Quote from: Neper ---As to Le Nord, you appear to be caught in the usual misconceptions of all those people who have never got beyond Germinal and Bienvenue chez les Ch'tis. Which is a good thing, in a way, because it keeps things less crowded. Even Bergues has returned to being a nice little town, now the tourists go elsewhere again.

--- End quote ---

Nope, No Germinal for me and as for the Ch'tit, never seen that movie, I don't like movies that much especially the French ones which all suck big time !  :scared: There were some good ones in the '80s but the '80's was a long time ago now.....   :(

Also, I was BORN up there, so I cna talk !  ;D  Well, a bit south of your North... was born in Picardie, in Noyon. But same situation as the 59. I left that region aged 3 when my parents moved to Angers in Loire Valley, where life is so pleasing, but my dad of course spent the first 35 years of his life in Picardie.. even HE keeps saying "fuck me I am out of here !!!! ". He left for the Loire Valley with ZERO regret what so ever !  :scared:

--- End quote ---

From the Spans listed and the design of the band/frequency selector indicate this was intended for television servicing. The band/frequency selector takes slot-in cards (were sometimes called biscuits in UK). A similar scheme was used in a lot of early TV's. there was one card/biscuit per TV channel. Yours only has one fitted. This means the RF output will only work in that position.


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