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--- Quote from: Vince on September 24, 2021, 12:54:07 am ---<SNIP>

BTW, can anyone tell me how the coaxial sockets/connectors are called please ? They look like TV antenna / aerial connectors, don't they ? How are they called ? And what's the reference/spec of the coax cable I need to use/buy for these connectors ? Anyone know of a place where I could get decent looking and quality connectors so I can make some cables ?

Also... might try to find some BNC adapters for these connectors ?? This way I can just use normal BNC cables to work on this thing....
I mean Tek did provide UHF to BNC adapters that you would screw to the UHF socket, so it's not totally delirious to think maybe there BNC adapters for the "TV" like connectors, eh ?  Any link/help appreciated as always !  ;D


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They look like "Belling Lee" coaxial connectors.
In France they were called "9.52" connectors. 9.52mm being the size. Check the internal diameter of the socket. If it is about 9.5mm that is conformation. Adaptors to BNC are available

Knocked off another, and hopefully final, issue with the Type 547. Tracked it right down with the Siglent. Essentially a nearly inaccessible section of the sweep mag switch was dirty with intermittent contact. Took some contortions to get some deoxit up there but now clean. As you can see on the Siglent now nice and stable.

What's left: change out the last aluminum can and then calibration/compensation. Have I REALLY conquered this beast after months and months of work? I don't want to jinx myself.  ;D

Going to finish up this guy then go back to the 212 which is in pieces on bench 1.



--- Quote from: Vince on September 24, 2021, 01:21:51 am ---Dwagon, you just said it...freaking 1763 !!!!   :palm: Time for people up there to move on and get a life of their own !  :scared:
Imagine if we still lived in 1763 nostalgia herein France, fuck me what a world that would be !!  :scared:
Time passes... let past things... buried in the past. GWN is now much closer culturally and in their day to day life to the USA then they are from France. So if anything they should give up on anything French and speak Spanish too like you did in Texas !  ;D

You've got to let it go Maverick, let it go...

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Which republic is there in France this decade? The 5th, IIRC - and there have been two in my lifetime and three in my brother's :)

As of this morning the 547 coffee mug is still in black hole hell.  ::)

I knew my delivery would be last....if ever.  :palm:


--- Quote from: med6753 on September 24, 2021, 09:13:15 am ---As of this morning the 547 coffee mug is still in black hole hell.  ::)

I knew my delivery would be last....if ever.  :palm:

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Hope dies last. Keep my fingers crossed.


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