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Neomys Sapiens:

--- Quote from: xrunner on November 28, 2021, 03:00:17 pm ---I found the problem with the hp 8904A keys. A ribbon cable connecting the front PCB to the top PCB in the main chassis. I re-seated all the cables at first but the problem didn't go away. It did change a bit in that some keys that were not working before started to, and some that were - stopped working. So I was onto to something. Then I bet the money on J1. I remembered looking at it that I wasn't very impressed with the choice of cable connector when I took the whole thing apart after I first got it.

I have never seen that selection of cable and connector in any other hp gear - have any of you? I don't know how the end with the pins was made, it doesn't look like an end connector that you could make a direct replacement for at home. Looks like it was fabricated at the connector factory and shipped to hp ... ? Anyway it may have been the first and last time it was used by hp, and for good reason.

Anyway, I pulled the connector for the second time, and cleaned it with alcohol, and wiped with some contact enhancer, and the second time it was fixed.

The hp 8804A Multifunction Synthesizer is an interesting bit of kit though. It has four channels internally - each one can be set up to generate a certain waveform (freq,. amplitude, phase, and type (sine, square, noise, etc.). Then these channels can be combined together internally to make any sort of output you want. In fact, had to glance back at the operations manual to remember how to get it going after three years. The fact that only some keys were not working made me think I was not doing things the way it wanted. Pic shows sine and square wave with noise intentionally added.

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An useful device. But those cables play the main role in every repair report of it. And it is only that fancy if you get the maximum configuration.

Neomys Sapiens:

--- Quote from: Neper on November 28, 2021, 03:25:57 pm ---
--- Quote from: vk6zgo on November 28, 2021, 02:58:57 pm ---Oh how the mighty have fallen! :'(
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They had a monopoly at a time when all German state broadcasters (there were no commercial stations) had to be fitted from scratch for b/w and then in 1967 for colour tv. This clearly couldn't go on forever.

It wasn't only them. Mostly all German makers of broadcast equipment were living in a land where milk and honey flowed in endless abundance. The stations had money 'like hay', as we say here. Only the best was good enough and discussing prices was just not done.

This changed with the arrival of commercial broadcasters who, by their very nature, had to be cost-conscious. Most of the great old names didn't survive the next decade.

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I remember having repaired a lot of monitors from them for a little TV studio. They were big ugly B&W  fuckers and it was always the same transistor which died. IIRC an MJ900 or MJ901.


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--- Quote from: vk6zgo on November 28, 2021, 02:58:57 pm ---

It seems there are quite a lot of such bulldust merchants around----I remember some allegedly ex-Tektronix guys trying to tell us that the seriously dire Tek 650 series of picture monitors were really "all made by Sony!'.

Funny thing, they all had "Beaverton , Oregon" all over them!

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They might have been partially correct. Sony learned a lot from Tek on CRT manufacturing and applied that to the development of the Trinitron CRT. It's possible that those monitors had a Trinitron CRT but were still built in Beaverton.

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Here is one of those Tek picture monitors I saw last week but forgot to post, didn't sell at 99 euros, no idea if it's a Sony or not.

Not sure I would want to touch anything Sony TV related from the 1970's, after watching the recent Shango066 video.


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Judging by the "squareness" of the CRT it has the look of a Trinitron. I'd be very surprised if it wasn't.

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That was my reaction when I saw the photo, and isn't there some sort of tie up between Tek and Sony anyway?

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Yes. In order for Tek to sell equipment in Japan they had to team up with a Japanese company who just happen to be Sony. And there are Sony/Tektronix branded scopes.

Neomys Sapiens:

--- Quote from: vk6zgo on November 28, 2021, 02:46:02 pm ---
--- Quote from: VK5RC on November 28, 2021, 09:25:58 am ---Meets quite a few criteria,
Test equipment tick
Nixie tube tick
Ham related tick
It works tick
Happy camper here

Does need sl weird power supply (220v, we have 240v and with all the solar feed in, it often hits 250v)

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West Oz used to be 250v, & plenty of devices with supposedly lower voltage ratings operated merrily for decades.

As factory has pointed out, the thing has adjustable transformer primary taps.
A "234" volt setting will operate ok on 250v "till the cows come home".

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Immediately I envisage some content operator in front of his equipment, until a loud 'MOOOO' is heard from the window. In the same moment an evil flash, smoldering sound and thick smoke emanates from the rear of some device!

Neomys Sapiens:

--- Quote from: Neper on November 27, 2021, 07:17:34 pm ---
--- Quote from: mansaxel on November 27, 2021, 04:24:32 pm ---The new one, IIRC, is Siemens.
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As we say in Germany:

Wollen Sie Siemens oder darf es was ordentliches sein?
(Do you want Siemens oder rather something decent?)


Wollen Sie Siemens oder soll es funktionieren?
(Do you want Siemens or will it have to work?)

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Report sent to Erlangen.


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