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--- Quote from: cyclin_al on November 30, 2021, 01:06:32 am ---
--- Quote from: Saskia on November 29, 2021, 11:37:05 pm ---I want my BSD/OS back. CBA to write device drivers even tho I have the source.

@Zucca your poster was way incomplete. The entire Bell labs unix line was left out ...

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There was also no mention of IBM's OS/2  >:D >:D >:D

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And was a damn good O/S that Itty Bitty Morons fumbled. By the time it was perfected and actively marketed MS was in firm control.


--- Quote from: mnementh on November 29, 2021, 05:49:49 pm ---
--- Quote from: tggzzz on November 29, 2021, 04:51:17 pm ---
--- Quote from: mnementh on November 29, 2021, 02:10:50 pm ---

Oh, fuck... those symbols are positively demonic! It's like they're trying to deliberately make the elements as ambiguous as possible!   :wtf:

Whoever thought that was a good idea needs to be strung up by 'is nutsack...  :rant:

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I haven't seen that symbold for a PNP transistor before. But it is a bog standard circuit, one of the first you learn, so it isn't difficult to work out what the symbols mean.

Quite franky I see far worse every day, with signals flowing from right to left, nets named rather than drawn, and schematic design patterns ignored. At least back then they had the excuse that the design patterns hadn't really been established.
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I shoulda known you ( and/or C ) would be right be along to bust my chops... :-DD

no, I'm not talking aboot the circuit. I'm talking about changing what is already a well-designed, high-clarity and established universal symbol (which, from what I can see, does predate this device by at least a decade), which denotes all the pertinent information about the device's elements so they are obvious at a glance, and replacing it with this stupidity which, especially if used in an unfamiliar circuit, will do nothing but cause confusion.

It's like they're deliberately obfuscating the elements of the device with that horrid thing; that is just plain bad engineering.

EDIT: Ehh, okay... counter made in 1965; I guess maybe not that well-established  :-//, but still a horrible choice given that the standardized symbols we use now were already in common use.


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Rather like the attempt to just make logic symbols into a rectangle with "&" or "OR" written inside.
At the time, I received the impression that both ideas were driven by groups in Europe, although they were never mainstream there, either.

Another "World's Best Practice?"


--- Quote from: mnementh on November 29, 2021, 08:35:18 pm ---
--- Quote from: tautech on November 29, 2021, 08:24:11 pm ---
--- Quote from: 25 CPS on November 29, 2021, 07:58:11 pm ---
--- Quote from: mnementh on November 29, 2021, 07:24:36 pm ---
*toddles off to make a bagel for daughter*

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Yep, minimum one hour bagel-imposed downtime right there.

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Please at least get the quotes correct. Too much trouble ? Then delete the post and try again.

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Awwww.... cut him a break... he's Canadian.  ;)


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Ya gotta make allowances---just like we do for Kiwis in Oz! ;D


--- Quote from: Vince on November 29, 2021, 09:30:51 pm ---
--- Quote from: Specmaster on November 29, 2021, 09:06:38 pm ---Finally, I'm in the process of moving onto experimenting with Linux,
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What, I thought I managed to put you weeeell off Linux the other day  ?!  ;D

--- Quote from: Specmaster ---I have just been gifted a tower PC
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Ah yes that's what I advised... experiment on a spare PC, progressively.. don't wipe your main system...

--- Quote from: Specmaster ---with the following specs:-
- processor - AMD Phenom 9650 quad core 2.3MHz

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Stop right there, that's 8088 territory, you need at least a Pentium / 586 !!  ;D

--- Quote from: Specmaster ---- RAM - 4Gb DIMM
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That's 400MB or so, not gonna cut it either !  :scared:

--- Quote from: Specmaster ---- hard drive -- Seagate 900Gb
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That's 90GB... that should be plenty enough just to experiment...

--- Quote from: Specmaster ---I'm given to to understand that it has a 100% MS Office compatible office suit as well.
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Well that's marketing of course...there is "OpenOffice" installed by default usually, but its import filter is never going to be 100% ... hell even MS Office is not even compatible with itself, so can't blame others can you !  :palm:
... Just like MS Windows isn't even compatible with itself either... 100% is always just marketing, it just means "good enough most of the time for most of the people"... in reality, just try it and see how it goes with your own files and usage.... only real life examples can tell you how good or bad it is...

As for the choice of distro, since PCLinuxOS is already installed well have fun with that to begin with, but once you hit your first roadblock or get frustrated by this or that, might be time to install Ubuntu, simply because it's by far the most popular distro for the average joe, so has a tremendous amount of support on forums. There are also lots of Ubuntu derivatives, mainly to give you an alternative choice of desktop user interface/environment.
For example I use Xubunbu, ie Ubuntu with XFCE as a desktop environment, because it's simple like old computers used to be, no non-sense smartphone-tabletty-like interface, these drive me nuts, confuse me, waste lots of time and screen real estate. So you can choose something you like, whatever that might be.

At the end of the day all distros suck big time, because the real problems in Linux have nothing to do with the distros themselves... you can try a million different distros, it's not gonna solve anything. That's why I settled for Ubuntu, with XFCE, so that at least if I need help, I know there is a strong support in forums. Also Ubuntu has lots of money behind it, so there are actually a lot of people working full time on it, not just a couple plumbers working part time.

Also, to reduce the amount of trouble, you can go for their " LTS " ( = Long Term Support) releases, as they tend (are meant) to be more polished/tested than the regular 6 months apart releases.  There is an LTS every 2 or 3 years IIRC, no more than 3 years for sure. Not much (that pertains to the end user anyway...) if anything happens in Linux land in 3 years so you won't be missing on anything don't worry.
For example I am using version 16.04, so 5 and half years out of date, 11 releases behind... but I tired the very latest the other day and after 5 minutes playing with it and seeing it was worse not better, I moved back to my 5+ year old release.

Unless you need the latest driver of something and you don't know how to retro-fit it to your current release, then of course upgrading the entire system is the easiest way to get the driver you need.

Just my two cents/pennies after 20 years using the Penguin on my desktop !  ;D

Have fun with the Penguin ! ;D
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The penguin's name is Tux, BTW. ;)



--- Quote from: TAMHAN on November 29, 2021, 11:50:11 pm ---Went shopping with the wife recently.

Haul A:
part of a coffeeshop. No joke.

Haul B;
Wayne Kerr 3245 precision inductance analyser (R47) 86 105.00
Wayne Kerr 3245 precision inductance analyser (R46) 87 105.00
Telquipment CT71 curve tracer with mains lead & manual, 2x test fixtures (R386) 191 76.00
HP 5005B signature multimeter with timing pod (R342) 236 95.00
HP 5004A signature analyser with pod & probe (R365) 250 20.00
Roland Piano Plus 11 electronic keyboard in carry case (R203) 330 56.00
Solartron / Schlumberger 7151 computing digital multimeter (R555) 407 26.00
Solartron / Schlumberger 7151 computing digital multimeter (R560) 408 27.00
Solartron / Schlumberger 7151 computing digital multimeter (R559)
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Fuuuuck... Can I go shopping with your wife next time...? :-DD

Oh, and here's your , BTW!  :-+



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