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--- Quote from: Vince on November 30, 2021, 08:21:52 pm ---A new Sinclair video for Specmaster on Computerphile channel....

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Thanks for sharing this, it was very interesting as he mentions that at one point he said to Sir Clive, have a go at this, only to be told that he doesn't know how to. This was in fact born out when a person I knew, living in a very nice flat overlooking Trafalgar Square in London told me the same storey and that Sir Clive was actually living in a similar luxury flat, literally just round the corner and they often used to chat to each other and it turned out that Sir Clive never did own a computer, a slide rule yes. 


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--- Quote from: Andrew_Debbie on November 26, 2021, 11:25:45 am ---Outbid on both WaveTeks...   Just as well...

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Ditto Tinsley standard resistors - by a factor of 3-4!

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I only bid a small amount on those, think I saw over £600 earlier.

Have won a hernia producer I've been looking for some time, the 745A AC calibrator, also got one of the hp 5340A counters, a Sullivan megohmmeter, the lot of hp 855x SA plug-ins and a few others.


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What did the Sulivan Megohmmeers go for? I own two already so could spare one if anyone missed in the auction.

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£40-50, plus uplift. I got the other one.

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Got mine home. Wasn't looking forward to seeing the state of the 9V battery - but the 2007 vintage EverReady Silver hadn't leaked.

I can now confirm that putting two 1Tohm resistors in series does result in a 2Tohm resistor, at least with 100V, 250V or 500V across them. The 1kV is a little noisy.

Not sure if this is better or worse than waiting on hold for an eon  |O

Day 4 and 4 hours of sitting around waiting today :palm:

Complaint line to the NBN tells me to contact my service provider then cuts off the phonecall when I select the appropriate option. Service provider has no idea why NBN Co cancelled. Seriously couldn't organize a service in a house of ill repute  :rant:

Another afternoon to waste tomorrow waiting ....

And after some more beating them up got a 'free' month for the BS - win sort of.


--- Quote from: Vince on November 30, 2021, 12:39:02 pm ---
--- Quote from: tautech on November 29, 2021, 11:46:54 pm ---Keep doing that Vince as we all need pulling into line when laziness rears its head.
Oh and how's your garage coming along ?

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It's coming along....

Got the steel reinforcements delivered, as well as a palette of concrete blocks I need to raise the foundations to where I need them to be.
Ordered a concrete mixer truck, poured the concrete, all 7m3 of it. Paid a bit extra to get the 13m long telescopic belt conveyor option. Makes life so much easier. Guy has a radio remote control with a joystick and can easily and accurately steer the concrete all along the trenches. Also paid a little extra and ordered the "super fluid" concrete formula (extra dose of thinner additive and fine gravel rather than coarse), as the EU norm allows. Was like soup. Along with the conveyor, made the job a breeze and the few friends I had hired for the day to spread the concrete with rakes, did not have much if anything at all to do. Soup spread nicely all by itself.

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Interesting you use conveyors over there when all remotely placed concrete is pumped here although usually a special 10mm pump mix as few can pump 20mm aggregates.
Is the top on the foundation blocks to be FFL ?
What must you use over the earth between the footings under the floor slab ? Compacted aggregate then fines and a moisture membrane ?


--- Quote from: mnementh on November 22, 2021, 06:57:16 pm ---This pinged on my RADAR a week or two ago after watching a Linus video:
Honestly seemed a little too good to be true at that price. Any opinions...?

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Arrived today, chocolate in my hears. Thanks mnem!


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