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TERRA Operative:

--- Quote from: tggzzz on November 30, 2021, 09:06:56 pm ---
--- Quote from: TERRA Operative on November 30, 2021, 05:15:03 pm ---Is that little one a dry slug tant? Probably worth leaving it in if so, those things are usually pretty solid.

--- End quote ---

I've had a couple in a Tek 1502 spew acid. Fortunately the PCB was simple and easy to repair.

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The wet tants do that, notably the 109D series with their elastomer seal. The hermetic sealed ones rarely leak, but they are uber expensive...
I just replaced some of the 109D caps in my 5065A (and found one or two in my 8160A a while bak).
Dry slug tants (Tantalex etc like the 150D) don't have liquid inside, it's in the name! :P :D

Tethered Trawling because I am bored  >:D

Melbourne Pickup or I might consider grabbing it for a look see and a play eBay auction: #334229618283

Just a nice 1929 item that the Pawnbroker with it wont be selling at $850 AU Pesos anytime soon  :palm: eBay auction: #175043861441

Bargain - maybe and in need of some love eBay auction: #194550321913

Neomys Sapiens:

--- Quote from: Andrew_Debbie on November 30, 2021, 11:50:29 am ---Next some one will start reminiscing about RT-11.     

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Hey, I even know where my set of 8" floppies is located. Or would you prefer some Concurrent CP/M?


--- Quote from: Specmaster on November 30, 2021, 07:30:26 pm ---@Vince
Thanks for the feedback, it makes sense does that, but I think I may have a better solution if I find that I do actually like Linux and no what happens I still want to retain the capability of running Windows for games etc and other reasons. What I'm now seriously considering is to install a removable caddy on the other machine and get 2 trays for it, fit a SSD in each, 1 with Windows, the other with Linux installed and swap O/S drives over depending on what I want to do, sound better than a dual boot system  to me.

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No need for this tray stuff. I use a so called mobile rack like DELOCK 47194, for example, to change between Windows and Linux on separate SSDs, which are directly inserted.  Been using this arrangement for 2 years now. Even so, Linux is not getting much use. But that's only me. I also have a third SSD for testing a NAS like "Open Media Vault". In all, highly convenient. No Boot messups.


--- Quote from: mnementh on December 01, 2021, 03:42:46 am ---Oh, BTW: We have touched down in West Hartford, CT. Currently getting ready to crawl into a hotel bed and spent the next 10 hours comprehensively inspecting my eyelids for pinholes.

We already have 4 properties to view and 3 job interviews scheduled for the next 2 days. :o

Oh, thank Ifni... blessed horizontalness... *contented sigh*

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Good luck with the house and job hunting.


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