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--- Quote from: Andrew_Debbie on November 30, 2021, 11:50:29 am ---Next some one will start reminiscing about RT-11.     

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Hey, I even know where my set of 8" floppies is located. Or would you prefer some Concurrent CP/M?

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Y2K patch here   -->

You might need to find a working RK05 or RL02     :-DD

The nuclear powerplant up the road was using a PDP-11 until they shut down the plant in December 2015.     For all I know they  were using it up until defueling completed in 2019.

The PDP-11 and a Dec Alpha replaced a pair of Marconi TAC computers, which ran the control and emergency systems for 38 years.    Final TAC switch off was in 2004.   I believe the TAC was the first all-transistor computer ever sold.

One of the TACs ended up in a Museum.  The other is with a private collector.


--- Quote from: beanflying on December 01, 2021, 04:42:36 am ---Tethered Trawling because I am bored  >:D

Melbourne Pickup or I might consider grabbing it for a look see and a play eBay auction: #334229618283


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Wow- that Wandel & Goltermann oscilloscope is very rare, even here in Germany where it was produced.
It surely had a loooong travel to Australia. W&G had stopped developing oscilloscopes after this model AFAIK.

Here's a bit of background: German only, I am afraid - you may just pick your favourite online translator....




--- Quote from: Messtechniker on December 01, 2021, 07:54:07 am ---
--- Quote from: Specmaster on November 30, 2021, 07:30:26 pm ---@Vince
Thanks for the feedback, it makes sense does that, but I think I may have a better solution if I find that I do actually like Linux and no what happens I still want to retain the capability of running Windows for games etc and other reasons. What I'm now seriously considering is to install a removable caddy on the other machine and get 2 trays for it, fit a SSD in each, 1 with Windows, the other with Linux installed and swap O/S drives over depending on what I want to do, sound better than a dual boot system  to me.

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No need for this tray stuff. I use a so called mobile rack like DELOCK 47194, for example, to change between Windows and Linux on separate SSDs, which are directly inserted.  Been using this arrangement for 2 years now. Even so, Linux is not getting much use. But that's only me. I also have a third SSD for testing a NAS like "Open Media Vault". In all, highly convenient. No Boot messups.

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Yes, that is the type of system I was referring to. I thought the rack was called a tray.


--- Quote from: tautech on December 01, 2021, 02:28:50 am ---
--- Quote from: Vince on November 30, 2021, 12:39:02 pm ---
--- Quote from: tautech on November 29, 2021, 11:46:54 pm ---Keep doing that Vince as we all need pulling into line when laziness rears its head.
Oh and how's your garage coming along ?

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It's coming along....

Got the steel reinforcements delivered, as well as a palette of concrete blocks I need to raise the foundations to where I need them to be.
Ordered a concrete mixer truck, poured the concrete, all 7m3 of it. Paid a bit extra to get the 13m long telescopic belt conveyor option. Makes life so much easier. Guy has a radio remote control with a joystick and can easily and accurately steer the concrete all along the trenches. Also paid a little extra and ordered the "super fluid" concrete formula (extra dose of thinner additive and fine gravel rather than coarse), as the EU norm allows. Was like soup. Along with the conveyor, made the job a breeze and the few friends I had hired for the day to spread the concrete with rakes, did not have much if anything at all to do. Soup spread nicely all by itself.

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Interesting you use conveyors over there when all remotely placed concrete is pumped here although usually a special 10mm pump mix as few can pump 20mm aggregates.

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Pump was not even considered as simply not necessary, conveyor is enough as you can see. Pump is also prohibitive anyway, so ruled out right there. Quote says 500 Euros for the pump, for 5m3 of concrete. But I had 7m3 so god knows how much more they would have charge for that.
Even the conveyor was a luxury, but at 150 Euros it was a luxury I could justify, as the other option, ie having the truck dump all the concrete at its feet/wheels.... did not appeal to me !  ::) So I made an effort and coughed for the conveyor.

Total bill 800 Euros of concrete + 150 for the conveyor, total 950 Euros.

--- Quote ---Is the top on the foundation blocks to be FFL ?
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I don't know what " FFL " means  :-// Google says it means in French "French Federation of Losers "...  :-DD

--- Quote ---What must you use over the earth between the footings under the floor slab ? Compacted aggregate then fines and a moisture membrane ?

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Yes, a thick layer of 20mm gravel, 10cm minimum but as much as you can afford really. Then a bit of sand on top of it, to make the surface smooth enough to then lay a plastic membrane to keep moisture from contacting the slab and degrade it over time.


--- Quote from: mnementh on December 01, 2021, 03:20:14 am ---
--- Quote from: Zucca on December 01, 2021, 02:32:56 am ---

 :bullshit:  :bullshit:  :bullshit:
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--- Quote from: Zucca (IN THE ABOVE THREAD) on December 01, 2021, 02:25:06 am ---Well this is strange, from

Sebastian12345 are you aware in this forum we are almost all engineers?
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I'm imagining this in a accent somewhere halfway between Luigi from Mario Bros and Sigmung Freud... and it makes me smile.   >:D

Duly noted, and inappropriate comments made. ;)

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I made appropriate comments instead, as I'm not a dwagon.


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