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--- Quote from: TERRA Operative on January 21, 2022, 08:12:36 am ---
--- Quote from: Vince on January 21, 2022, 02:32:47 am ---
--- Quote from: TERRA Operative ---Also, go unlock options if you have a GPIB-USB adapter! :D

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I don't know what I can do via GPIB on this particular model scope ?
And I don't have a GPIB-USB adapter !  ... I have a REAL National Instrument ISA interface card and the MS-DOS and Windows 95 S/W to go with it !  8)
I  set up an old IBM Aptiva Pentium computer solely to be able to use a PCI  or ISA NI card.
Used it 5 years ago when I bought my TDS544A and wanted to clear the error log using a little S/W someone in the TekScope forum wrote.
Worked well. Then I had a bit of GPIB fun, see below !  :-DD

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What a bobby dazzler! :D

If you can send arbitary commands to the scope via GPIB with your setup, you are set for unlocking options.

Follow these instructions:

You'll be able to enable options 1M, 2F, and 2C with no additional hardware. You have a floppy so option 1F is already enabled, I think 2F is enabled as standard on your unit?, and if you have the serial/parallel output board installed, you'll already have option 13 enabled too.
You can try option 2M, but it will only work if you have the extra RAM actually installed in your machine, that depends on model and serial number revision. You can try it and see if it shows 2M on the boot screen, if not, just revert it back and leave it at the 1M option.
2C might or might not work, I'm not sure on the 500 series scopes. I have all 600 and 700 series at the moment.

Option 05 requires the TV trigger board to be installed, and options 3C and 4C require the optical converter adapters etc. Not really useful unless you are doing optic fiber stuff anyway.

Also, take a look inside to see if you are lucky enough to have the hard drive option, and if you do, SELL IT TO MEEEEEEE!!!  ;D

I also have a spare serial/parallel board if you need it. :)

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Thanks, message archived  ;D

According to boot up screen, I have options 13 1F and 1M.
I do have serial and  // at the back, floppy as you saw, and as for 1M memory option, IIRC when I looked into this years ago... it gives me 50K sample memory, a bare bone 544A apparently has even less than that.

I opened the scope up years ago when I fixed it, see pics below of the bottom and top boards.
No video trigger board nor HDD. Memory- chip wise, on the ACQ board, looks like it's 100% populated to me ?


--- Quote from: Cerebus on January 21, 2022, 02:12:13 pm ---
--- Quote from: McBryce on January 21, 2022, 12:24:39 pm ---
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--- Quote from: med6753 on January 21, 2022, 08:19:29 am ---Why all of sudden are individuals having trouble viewing my pictures? It's the same format I've used for several years. I haven't changed anything.  :-//

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I have uBlock, and only if turned off I can see the pictures.

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I use ABP (Firefox) and all pictures are visible, even the ones I don't want to see!


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Me and my shillelagh are coming to have a word with you laddie, because I know that in a minute I'm going to scroll down, and I know what I'm going to see, again.

Edit: Yup, two messages later - you bastard.

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I can take no responsibility for what other people post, especially as I did not even mention what types of pictures I wouldn't want to see. I'll be waiting with my own sail éille! :D



--- Quote from: Robert763 on January 20, 2022, 08:52:24 am ---Your bench charger is a better tool for this task .set the voltage to about 12 V and current to 10 mA put the battery on small plte or in a mug "just in case" and let it charge for >15 hours. Check voltage immeditely off-charge and off-load. Leave it with nothig connected for 12-24 h and check voltage off-load again. Report back. Ni-Cads like to be stored discharged so it might come back to life.

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OK first part is done. Wired it to the lab supply 21H00 yesterday, now 15H00, I unplugged it.

Was still taking 4mA.

Voltage unconnected unloaded  is 11.2V, dropping fast, like 10mV per second. After a minute or so it was down to 10V, slowing down. Looks like it will progressively settle to a voltage that makes more sense for a NiCd "9V" battery... will see in 24Hours what voltage it decided to settle on... stay tuned...


--- Quote from: Vince on January 21, 2022, 03:11:43 am ---You see, electricity is soon becoming a luxury thing here. Price went up 50% this year alone, and every year it keeps going up and up.

I have now gotten to the point where I can't afford to waste any electron.. hence the pan to make sure I can collect any that might escape the battery, or fall off the crocodile clips, so I can put them back into the battery !  :popcorn:

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Just wait till you need more electricity to charge your EV car as well. We are all being backed into a corner where we rely too heavily on means of power and I have no doubt that we all regret it.


--- Quote from: Cerebus on January 21, 2022, 02:07:46 pm ---
--- Quote from: AVGresponding on January 21, 2022, 10:19:32 am ---
Why should I apologise for recognising a de facto situation created by someone else? I'm recognising the reality of the situation; you are just complaining that it isn't as it should (in your opinion) be.

You will not get a mortgage on a property where the wiring (if newly installed) does not meet the current wiring regs. You will not get public liability/fire insurance for your building if the wiring is not periodically inspected and found to comply with the regs (at the time of installation).
You may not get a mortgage on a property where the wiring, even if it complied with the regs at the time of installation, does not comply with the current ones; it depends a lot on the individual circumstances.

The situation that Robert outlined re PAT some time ago is not an argument against PAT, it is an argument against incompetent testers.

You may indeed, as the responsible person in a company/organisation, decide that certain items do not require testing. If you wish to avoid potential future prosecution by the HSE, you MUST provide documentation stating why this is the case. If you are/were wrong in your assessment, you are still going to be for the high jump.

FWIW I'm with Big Clive on the subject of changes to the regs, by and large. It has become a means to extort money, with the constant "improvements to safety" having long since passed the point of diminishing returns. Once upon a time we educated people not to stick metal objects into mains powered equipment to "see if it's working", like we once educated people to look both ways before crossing the road, and to use a crossing point if possible.

Nowadays it has apparently been decided that it's too difficult/expensive to educate people properly, and so make every situation as completely idiot-proof as possible. We all know where that leads...

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You can bloviate as much as you like on the subject, but that doesn't alter the fact that these so called regulations are not regulations.

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I think this is a classic case of the regulations being just that, regulations, but not ones published by the Govt as the Govt do not have the expertise nor the science to do so, so they have effectively outsourced it. You say they are not regulations, you try and flout them and see where it lands you, as Anders made reference to, in the event of a death, you could well fine yourself in deep hot water and drowning if you did not follow the 18th wiring regs and also have your equipment tested annually. Some insurance companies will not even insure business premises unless they can produce a validated paper trail to prove you have done the required PAT tests, etc. I know this from 1st hand experience with overhead cranes, and factory machinery etc.


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