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Martin Miranda:
not a test equipment. but long days ahead of repairing this gear. :palm:

@Terra Operative :

Oh no I will not stop you, to the contrary I want to ENCOURAGE you !  :-DD

Fix as many as possible, do every experiment you can on them, take notes of all your trouble shooting, upgrades, F/W, unlocking options, whatever can be done to these scopes.. then in 3 years write a BOOK to organize and present all that data nicely !

Will buy a copy of the book then I will be well armed when I am in the market to go hunt for my next TDS scope !  ;D


The real bootstrapping conundrum: Somehow getting enough coffee in you that you can make coffee.

TERRA Operative:
Well Vince, if you ever come to Japan, I'll have a scope and a cup of sake waiting for you. :D

Thanks ! Unfortunately I can't fly as the economy seats are too narrow and closely spaced for me (and the unlucky people in front and beside me) to tolerate  more than 10 minutes of fllght ! :scared:

I once had to fly 45 minutes for work, and after only 10 minutes of flight I wanted to scream " gimme a fucking parachute I am out of here NOW !!! " :-DD

... a business class seat or a private jet might do it, but too expensive ! ;D

... or a slow boat maybe....


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