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--- Quote from: GreyWoolfe on May 18, 2022, 11:30:20 am ---
--- Quote from: med6753 on May 17, 2022, 05:14:38 pm ---Mandatory seat belt use became Federal law once, in 1974. Every new passenger vehicle sold in the USA had a starter interlock to prevent you from starting the car unless the driver and front passenger buckled their seat belt. The public outcry was so loud that the interlock was removed starting in 1975. And the interlock on the 1974 cars was easy to defeat.

As far as I know every state now requires mandatory seat belt use but there is no interlock. Just the reminder light on the dash and the nanny buzzer.

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Here if Flori-DUH, we have lit signs on the sides of the roads that say, click it or ticket.  They must have paid someone a crap pot of money to come up with that.
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Naaahhh... that was a Federal-level public awareness program back in the day. We had them in New York, Ohio and Pennsy when I was growing up. Flori-duh under Governor Nosferatu and his mini-me clone probably just hasn't touched that infrastructure since the '80s.  :-DD

"The nuts all roll downhill to Florida..." ~mom


and problem solved in Italy.

On The Bench This Morning: Aspire R5-471T UltraBook

I picked this Acer Aspire R5-471T-51UN Flip-Convertible ultrabook up at the Thrift over the weekend because it has similar specs to my current Lenovo Flex3 1580 with busted touchscreen and hinges, and was only $80 in new unused condition, according to a Post-it stuck on the screen.

The only flaw in the thing is that the battery won't take a charge; probably the BMS in shutdown due to not being used for 5 years.  :o

I'm going to do some exploratory surgery; if the pack isn't puffy, I'll try and jump-start the cells using the ol' Lambda LQ-532.

Of course I'll post pics of the guts... provided it doesn't try to set my ass on fire.  :-DD


Your eyes are not deceiving you. There are 3 of them. 2 fully functional and 1 still needs some work. Ever since college 51 years ago I've wanted a Type 547. In the past year or so the TE gods have seen fit to bless me with 3 of them. I'll describe the story of each in detail.

Left, S/N 002646. This was the first one. Purchased for $75 in March 2021. It was stored in an unheated but dry shed. I do not know it's prior history. Surprisingly with all the many issues it turned out to have it does NOT suffer from the HV transformer issues so common with these scopes. Because of my medical issues last year I did not start working on it until April. And it took a full 6 months (October) to finally fix all the issues and complete the restoration. One benefit of all that work is that the final vertical amplifier was upgraded to the last build level. And since completion it has accrued many power on hours and works flawlessly. The Type 1A1 plug-in is a later S/N with FET pre-amps.

Middle, S/N 008570. This was the scope I just completed restoration this week. It was one of two scopes that came from the thrift store haul back in November 2021. It was originally owned by General Electric in Binghamton, NY. Once I did an initial cleaning it powered up and had a bright and sharp trace. But after about a half hour the HV would shutdown due to the known leaky HV transformer issue. I had the HV transformer repaired by Herr Felgendreher in Germany. I do not know what process he used but so far it is successful. The scope has accumulated many power on hours with no issues. The only outstanding issue is the scale illumination does not work. It turns out there are 2 different CRT bezels for the 500 series scopes. The “thin” bezel is for older scopes like the Type 535 or 545 which have the CRT graticule on a Plexiglas plate. The “thick” bezel is for scopes like the Type 547 which have the graticule in the screen of the CRT itself. The bezel on this scope is the thin variety. Ebay has lots of thin ones but no thick ones. I'll have to keep watch. The Type 1A1 plug-in is an early S/N with nuvistor pre-amps.

Right, S/N 010425. This is the other scope from the thrift store haul in November 2021. It was also owned by General Electric. And like it's sibling once cleaned up it powered up fine with a bright and sharp trace but also after about 20 minutes the HV shut down. I decided to remove the 5642 HV rectifier tubes and install silicon rectifiers to see if lightening the load by eliminating the filaments would help. It did not. So this HV transformer will eventually need the same repair. It is currently removed from the scope.

S/N 010425 also has a significant mechanical issue. The chassis has been tweaked and is bent. It took one hell of a shot and I'm surprised it did not damage the CRT. The covers don't fit right and a plug-in does not totally seat against the front panel. I'm not sure yet what I can do to fix it. I'm still undecided if I'm going to restore this scope or make it a parts mule. If I proceed with the restore it will also need a CRT bezel.   

And flashback. As a reminder here is what those 2 scopes looked like when I first brought them home. Full of sawdust.     


--- Quote from: bd139 on May 18, 2022, 10:22:31 am ---Very standard design akin to Thurlby / TTi and it is of the same heritage.

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Feels a lot like diving in the better models of 80s -90s audio gear from companies like C-Audio, BSS or Klark-Teknik; they usually had a bit more bracing to be tour-proof, but the general look is a lot like that. Usually nothing fancy; if the 'phools only knew how many TL072 stages their "Reference" recordings have passed through they'd self-ignite.  Soundcraft usually had a discrete pair of BC550 / 560 level transistors at the input, but after that it was all opamps.


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