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Geez, only 50 quid ?!  :o  I will have two please !!  >:D


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--- Quote from: Specmaster on May 24, 2022, 06:25:58 pm ---Hmm, too complicated, what's wrong with good old rotary controls then, eh?

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Nothing, that's why I don't have, and will never, have anything like that thing!  :-DD

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Those look a bit modern, at least compared to my [hp] /  Harrison duo, a 6237 and a 6206. But the TTi CPX200 looks at them and thinks they're like Grandpa, as does the Uni-T one. I truly feel I'm close to complete in the DC bench supply department; all I need is a high voltage one, like 320V or so. The  6209 is nice; pity they're always so expensive.


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--- Quote from: Cubdriver on May 24, 2022, 12:30:56 am ---The old HP/Dymec 2401A/2401C could measure frequency - to a blinding 300 kc, according to the spec sheet (it came out before Hz was widely used for frequency).

Shown here in the 'check' position with the expected 10 kHz display.

This one's still in the queue...

Additional pics:


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Thanks ! Looks really nice, would not mind one !!  :D ! I guess they must be rare in expensive, but you will tell me you got it for a tenner in some ham fest, or free found on the side of the road, just to drive me mad !!!  :-DD

Maybe they go for cheaper because they are not branded "HP"  ?!  :-// 
That would help me.

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No, that one I found at a surplus place in CA about six years ago.  It had been there for a while given the coating of dust it wore.  Can’t recall what I paid for it, probably between $70~100 (and likely about that again to ship it home).  As far as I can tell, they’re pretty rare at this point - mine is the only one I’ve ever seen in the flesh, though I know of one other guy on the HPAK mailing list who also has one.  Dymec was one of the early companies that HP bought out; look closely at the logo and you’ll notice it is the contemporary HP logo, but inverted.

It’s a cool old beast, but huge and heavy for being a DC voltmeter.


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Some of the spare used display boards (no glassware fitted) I bought from Sphere, are from one of those, only confirmed it after buying a manual.
I do have the AC/ohms unit for one, but no matching voltmeter, the knobs have been changed for Philips ones, for some unknown reason.



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--- Quote from: mnementh on May 24, 2022, 01:00:14 pm ---...I mean, when I made all of these loverly 12 & 13ga sillycone jumpers for ~$40 delivered...

      ...that was much more viscerally satisfying.
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I don't like pogo pins on hand held test leads, they slip off things easily and short stuff out. Guess how I found that out :)

As for the banana leads, I might actually make some of them. I need them. Thanks for the poke  :-+  :-DD
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Thou hast been touched by his noodly appendage.      
Go forth and make ye many noodles; make ye them of all sizes and colors. Amen. >:D

No, not my noodly appendage, you perv. ::)

Neomys Sapiens:

--- Quote from: mnementh on May 24, 2022, 02:25:48 am ---"Eggs... They're from a chicken's arse!" ~grand-dad

The old man knew how to make us kids clean our plates at breakfast, all right... :-DD

"And don't you dare waste a bite of that pig-butt, or I'll bite your butts!"  Okay, maybe that bit wasn't as funny as I remember...  :o

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Say, any connection???


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