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--- Quote from: bd139 on May 26, 2022, 12:17:13 pm ---I actually had a D70. Nice camera :)

Completely agree. I'm going to be honest and say I rather like the modern smartphone cameras. You can get some shockingly good results out of them but the lack of glass is mostly what kills them for me. I missed a lot of opportunities. So I traded someone else's kidney for some mirrorless kit  :-DD

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I have and still use the D70, but I have to agree that a decent phone camera is often as much as you need. I use my iPhone SE (original SE, 2016-2018) for an awful lot. I'll dig the D70 when appropriate, but for everyday when the iPhone won't cut it I've got a Fuji X100F which has the great advantage of looking like a 35mm film rangefinder, handling like the same, has a real optical viewfinder (which can be switched to digital), has a decent [fixed] prime lens and can be fully automatic, or using controls that are exactly where they would be on a rangefinder can be fully manual.

HP 427A reverse engineering complete. Power supply was roughly as expected  :phew:

Will do some simulations and check nothing will melt if I replace the NiCd with a Zener string  :-+

Edit: zener string won't work. So regulator it is! (shunt regulator -> TL431 + PNP transistor)


--- Quote from: Cerebus on May 26, 2022, 11:14:16 am ---
--- Quote from: tautech on May 26, 2022, 03:47:46 am ---
--- Quote from: med6753 on May 26, 2022, 03:30:41 am ---Guess I'm gonna have to make more popcorn.       

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:wtf: you through that whoppa bag already ?  :o

Dawn duels will be next.  :box:

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Well you know what popcorn's like, you just keep dipping your hand in the bag without looking and all of a sudden it's empty and you want some more.  :)

I get Mike's point though. Whether he intends it to be so or not is another question, but Mnem's tone when he thinks he knows what he's talking about can get a bit

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BWAHAHAHAHA! Projecting much, C...?   :-DD

Seriously... If there's one thing you've successfully bludgeoned me with over the years... it's that in here, I have no authority. In this case, the motivation is more along the lines of "There's nothing worse than a reformed smoker..." or perhaps, a reformed rantaholic. ;)

I'm working on a more measured response... since my attempt at simple honesty was, as usual, taken the most negative way possible. Please be patient... I'm still not that good at it.  :P

*clickety-clickety...clicky-clackity... clickety-clickety-clack...*


--- Quote from: Vince on May 26, 2022, 07:29:11 am ---
--- Quote from: med6753 on May 26, 2022, 03:30:41 am ---
--- Quote from: mnementh on May 26, 2022, 02:44:09 am ---(SNIP lots of IMO tech-talk that's irrelevant to the interpersonal stuff at hand)

Other than that... honestly, some of your comments make you sound like you're still stuck in the "Windows XP is still plenty!" mentality, and quite frankly... today's computers actually do so much more than that; even a confirmed "old is still okay" nerd like myself won't run it willingly, or any computer of similar capacity. The difference between those old boxes and even my old gaming rig on Win10... just light years ahead.

You need a certain minimum amount of machine nowadays if you're going to be on the intardNet at all. You need sufficient processor and at least 8GB RAM, preferably more, just to run Windows Firewall/Defender (it's still in there, and it's still pretty decent) and your browser (or the equivalent of those two in other OSes) so you are even marginally safe.

The fact you run *NIX tells me you can't possibly be that ignorant of modern OSes... there is so much wrench-twirling under the hood required to even get it running that you pretty much have to have some knowledge of what makes a modern OS tick, and what they can do if you feed them adequate computer power. So I really don't know what to make of those ignorant-sounding remarks.  :-//


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Gee....could you make that response any more arrogant and condescending? Who died and left you the "expert"? I swear I think you like tweaking our resident Frenchman's nose and when he reacts negatively you tell him to chill. No, it's you that needs to chill and tone it down several octaves. You know as soon as Vince wakes up in the morning and sees your response the shit is gonna hit the fan. And I don't blame him. Talk to me in the tone of your response and I'll tell you to go fuck yourself. There's a right way and a wrong way to educate and spread knowledge. Your bully pulpit doesn't cut it.

Guess I'm gonna have to make more popcorn.
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Papa Smurf, you have already had too much pop-corn, that's not good for you health... too much of anything is not good for health in general so... no, I won't even reply to him, it's not worth it.
Just about everything he said is non sense, stuff I never said, nor even meant in the slightest. Doing so is his usual tactic to force me to correct him so I get into the fight he wants, needs, lives for. He is not a dragon for nothing. He did choose his avatar appropriately, I will give him that.  This is 5 year old level social media BS and I run away from that. He can have it with someone else. I am done with him. 12+ months of that shit, I am just bored with it.

I shall now ignore his posts and provocations advitam eternam. I like TEA and want to stay here, it's my ray of sunshine and I got to like it over the months, I must admit. But this dragon shit is killing me. I didn't come here for that shit. It does not add to the TEA experience, it just puts me off of it rather. It's truly toxic, on a psychological level. I don't need my mind to be messed up more than it already is !  :-DD
Some might find it fun and like it, good on them. To each their own.
I shall ignore all of his posts from now on and certainly never ever reply to any of them. It's just asking for trouble and I can do without it.
I will investigate the technical possibility of filtering his posts automatically, so that they don't even appear on my screen. Maybe there is some Firefox plug-in that can do that, I don't know. I will have a look for that at the very least.

Then he will say I am a drama queen I am suuuure... he is the one causing the drama, not me. I am only reacting to it to preserve my mental health. He can go fuck someone else's mind now, won't be me any more. I would love to tell him to fuck off but I just can't resort to insults.

Whatever he replies if anything, I won't even know about it, won't read it.

All I care for today is how to organize all the parts I have sorted the past few days. I still can't decide on the best way to organize them in my drawer cabinet and/or small plastic bags  and/or plastic bins in a large drawer. That, I care about  :)
Oh, and also plant the baby strawberries, raspberrries and tomatoes in my garden, that I bought yesterday. At the super market these are horribly expensive yet taste like shit.. but growing your own is easy, costs bugger all, and they taste orders of magnitude better, and you are sure they aren't soaked in a million different chemical products. It's a no brainer.

So I will do that today. That's all I REALLY care about !  :popcorn:

I hope you have not yet eaten the entirety of the pop-corn bag, it was way too much for a Smurf or even a human being !  :scared:
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It has nothing to do with any of that primate posturing med is so fond of, and there is no intent of rubbing your nose in it, and there is, for the umpteenth time, no intent of offense. It has to do with one simple thing: Seeing you doing exactly the same thing I used to do all the time in here, and having learned better, trying to steer you away from it.

Vince, you routinely post mini-rants in here about all sorts of stuff, and you very often "play to the cheap seats" to pump up the drama in a way that really makes you sound dumb. I know you're aren't; I've read through a number of your repair posts outside of this space.

Just like I used to do... and sometimes still do.  :palm: But my friends here in the TEA, over the course of several years, have mostly taught me to try and be better... and that is what I'm trying to pass on to you.

When others in here tell you you're being over-dramatic, you'll usually listen. But if I tell you you're doing it, you have a conniption-fit like it's a personal attack, when it is not. I'm trying to be a good neighbor/good friend and telling you when you sound foolish or ill-informed or to put it bluntly: ignorant. Just like when my fellow TEAers have done time and again with me.

Not everything is a competition, and just because you take offense, it doesn't mean an attack was made. Grow a little skin, and learn to tell when someone is trying to help and when someone is actually trying to cut you down. I specifically stated that was how you sound when you make one of those ill-informed posts, and whether you like it or not, it is true. I deliberately phrased it that way because I don't think you are ignorant... and I did think you might care not to sound that way.

So now I'm just being honest. Please just take a moment and think before you post one of your mini-rants... I know how hard it is sometimes. (Gawd, do I ever... *ashamed facepalm; twice for good measure* :palm: :palm:)

If you go back through my history on this thread, you'll se I've been guilty of more ignorant rants than I can count... But at least in the last year or two... I have tried very hard to step back and look at any such missive rationally and critically, and try to do a little research before I click the [Post] button.

Just as I've done this time. This is like the 6th... 7th... 8th edit... :o

So if all you take away from this is "mnem's a fucking hypocrite" because I'm telling you about something when I usedta do it all the time (and sometimes still do :-[), I can't stop you from going straight for the lowest common denominator.

But I swear, on the lives of all my little horde, that this is not the intent. The intent is to ask you to at least try to stop and think before you post. Try and do a little research on the subject before you explode about it. Maybe dial back the "drama for its own sake" just a little.

Just as my friends in this space have done over and over with me and continue to do.


*sad sigh*


--- Quote from: Cerebus on May 26, 2022, 12:33:14 pm ---
--- Quote from: med6753 on May 26, 2022, 11:38:36 am ---Some good news here. My daily insulin routine is having some positive effects. Since upping the daily shot from 10 units to 15 units my fasting blood sugar has come down dramatically. Tuesday was 120mg/dL. Yesterday 113mg/dL. This morning 109mg/dL. For a non-diabetic should ideally be 100mg/dL or less. But anything under 120mg/dL is considered "acceptable". So I'm getting there.  :-+

--- End quote ---

Good news.

A word of caution if I may, and I'll add that you've said nothing to make me suspect you're doing this, so treat this as a public service announcement and not directed at you. A doctor I was talking to once said that it was "Important to remember to treat the patient or disease, not treat the numbers". With any physiological process that can spit out numbers ostensibly characterising how 'good' or 'bad' things are there's a tendency for both doctors and patients (also public health authorities and policy makers) to fixate on the numbers, sometimes to the detriment of the person/people being treated.

In a perfectly healthy individual you can expect the numbers to bounce around from day to day and it's important to remember that you're measuring a noisy process, with the analytical equivalent of 2 or 3 digit DVM, and also that the 'normal' figures are derived from population norms that are themselves noisy and sometimes from such small sample sizes that it'd be embarrassing to be caught relying on them. Thus the practical difference between 109mg/dL and 'normal' is a bit like the practical difference between 5.25V on a rail and the nominal 5V figure. Sure, if you've got a handy adjustment and an accurate enough meter you'd probably adjust that rail to 5.00V but you don't actually have to. As long as the device is working well 5.25V is fine, and similarly with disease processes that have 'numbers', as long as the patient is healthy that's the important thing, not that the 'numbers' are spot on. On the particular subject of diabetes I wonder what effect happens  in the US where 3 digit mg/dL figures are used, versus places that use mmol/L figures that are usually expressed as two digits - that 109 mg/dL would come out as 6.1 mmol/L. Does it predispose people to inappropriate over-precision because there are 3 rather than 2 digits in the number?

With diabetes we're quite lucky that HbA1c figures give a much better picture than regular blood sugar readings, so those are the numbers to pay attention to. Of course with HbA1c being a long term measurement they are much harder to tune in (long phase delay in the control loop). Beware doctors who inappropriately obsess on short term measures of physiology (like instantaneous blood sugar measurements) versus long term ones (like HbA1c) and/or the actual health of their patients. For the avoidance of doubt there are, of course, values of short term measurements that need treating as medical emergencies, it's quite right to react to 'numbers' that are so statistically significantly off the norm that they indicate an immediate or immanent problem.

--- End quote ---

Everything you stated is absolutely true. I fully realize and understand blood sugar numbers are a moving target and constantly change. My whole point in buckling down and checking it on a daily basis is because over the past 6 months my A1C has been climbing. That's the number that's most important when treating and monitoring diabetes. And now that I am on insulin I need to find that point where over an average period of time my instantaneous blood sugar numbers show a steady decline to what is considered "normal". And that will result in an A1C number to shows that I am successfully treating and managing the condition. I have seen what uncontrolled diabetes does to a person and it ain't pretty. 


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