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--- Quote from: factory on June 23, 2022, 08:08:51 pm ---Interesting & slightly badly listed vintage DVM for those in the USA, cheap start price but could be expensive as it has a reserve.  :-//


--- End quote ---

I took a crack at it, but the reserve was higher than my bid.  Oh well - I have too many projects already!


I talked to the guy I got the counters and meter from - learned that the NLS meter probably hadn't been powered up in 30 years or so, and he was happy to see that I am working on getting it going again.

Played a bit with the macro lens tonight:



--- Quote from: bd139 on June 24, 2022, 11:05:19 pm ---
--- Quote from: mansaxel on June 24, 2022, 10:48:15 pm ---5440 5B40 update:

U165 is toast.  The trigger signal arrives, in-spec, to it, and does not depart. There's no blown tant on its supply; it has just below 5V on the supply pin, and it's not noisy. It does also draw some power.

Parts list sez:

--- Code: ---U165     155-0109-00    B010100  B021739    MICROCIRCUIT,LI:MONOLITHIC,TRIG       80009   155-0109-00
--- End code ---

So, a quick Ebay glance gives that it is not Unobtanium; there are a couple sellers on the bay who want around 25 money for one, plus transatlantic shipping. Stiff prices, them.  Does anyone here sit on a few?

--- End quote ---

Look for the part in Tek wiki and then check eBay for plugins to sacrifice  :-DD

I will keep an eye out at Newbury. Lots of Tek stuff appears there usually.

--- End quote ---


Shipping is a killer for most deals I can find on the bay. And some parts units are just that, "some parts", but not all:

Did find a trigger board with the right IC pair on though, and in Europe at that. Will hold for Newbury results to come in.  ;D

These are modules that use the part:

5B40, 5B42 (U300, U400), 5B44
7B50A, 7B53A
7B80, 7B85, 7B87, 7B81P, 7B90P
7S14 / 5S14N (U270)
SC502, SC503, SC504 (U3238)

A request to go against the spirit of the group:

At work, we've established that we need a Timing Interval Analyser. I tried buying the one Robert had for sale, but was too late. Does anyone else have a hp 5371A or one of the Yokogawa TA series, or similar, they'd be willing to part with?

It needs to be reasonably well working (another break with the spirit) and it can cost some money (again, against the very moral fibre!) but not "Korea instrument reseller insane".  An official-looking invoice is a cool thing.  In Europe is a definite bonus.



--- Quote from: Cerebus on June 24, 2022, 08:05:11 pm ---
--- Quote from: tggzzz on June 24, 2022, 07:38:37 pm ---The point is that it is unwise to act on the presumption that future variants won't be a major problem.

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Which is why I said "will tend to" rather than "will". There was no presumption, just a expression of likelihood based on knowing what tends to happen with viruses.

--- Quote ---Plus we are all a couple of years older, and that translates to a 25% higher risk (I.e. doubles every 6 years)

--- End quote ---

You might be a couple of years older, but the collective we, the population, isn't.

--- End quote ---

But it (the population) is aging, if not quite at that rate.


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