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TERRA Operative:
Finally got the last chip for my AFG5101 Arb Func Gen Option 02 reproduction board today.
They don't appear to be blacktopped under the microscope, so might be genuine parts...

I plugged it in and the AFG5101 says it sees the board (just a pin on the connector that's grounded, so not a functional test) and the crystal is oscillating.
So far I have to tweak the two capacitor values for the crystal as the frequency adjustment is a little low.
I'll probably temporarily bodge in a couple trimmer caps in place of the two fixed capacitors to allow me to dial it in with the main frequency adjust trimmer set to half-scale so I can get the two fixed capacitors set to give me as close to 4MHz as possible at the main adjustment half scale.

TERRA Operative:
Alrighty, picture time!

I got this better than the stated specifications, but I think rev2.0 will have provision for an OCXO, just because. :D
At the moment, it seems to hover around 0.0005% (wobbling a little up bit if it gets a gust of air on the bench), the manual says it should be within 0.005% (50ppm), so I'm roughly an order of magnitude better.  8)
Without the Opt02 board, I'm looking at 0.02% to 0.05% (The manual says 0.5% in this range).

So photos as follows:
- Finished PCB adjusted and ready to install.
- 10MHz output without Opt02 board
- 10MHz output with Opt02 board
(Both measurements taken with a GPS locked HP5335A)

I also noticed the red LED in the sinewave push button is busted (probably the most used function, would have been on all the time) so I'll replace that and this thing is looking all finished.  ;D

[EDIT] Turned out to be the whole top row of buttons that the LED's weren't working. I traced it back to a 2N3906 transistor on the CPU board that decided to identify as a diode, luckily I had spares, so all the front panel LED's are working again. :)

m k:

--- Quote from: factory on November 16, 2022, 04:32:08 pm ---
--- Quote from: m k on November 11, 2022, 04:15:59 pm ---
--- Quote from: m k on November 10, 2022, 06:03:48 pm ---
--- Quote from: factory on November 09, 2022, 10:36:34 pm ---Do you need some cable to go with it, needs quite thin stuff?


--- End quote ---

Before I need anything I have to check the trafo.
Original fuse was out so who knows what the reality is, and of course the thing is packed away, not far though.

If trafo is sane I'll accept the new connector, if you think you won't have the rainy day one day.

--- End quote ---

Trafo tested, seems to be ok.
Found 20mm holder and removed its chassis, bent pins and it's in.
Had only T fuses in hand so smallest, 160mA is in place.

Suitable wired test pins emerged from old hard disk power extension thingy.
Some twist, some tin, cut ends, file corners and it's like a new.
Keep in mind that newer extension may have thicker wires.

Not because of this but low ohms is a bit off, short is around 4.

--- End quote ---

I've sent you a PM, now I've found a box to send the connector, assuming you still need it.


--- End quote ---

Yee haw, over the sea and far away, the plug is here.
(fortnight to winter solstice)

But what I clearly did not understand is how small it is.

Good to hear it finally made it, maybe I should have pictured it against something to show how small they are, that's also the reason I sent a new one, due to the possibility of broken screws or stripped threads with the used ones I have.

Also got the smallest 3-core cable I could find at CPC, had to buy a 100m roll to get it in grey, quite a few old UK made TE require this cable too.


m k:
I had to do the final customs clearance and local post informed me by snail mail.
No extra charge but I guess statistics must be in order.

I think it was in the country quite a bit before I got it.

About the cable then,
I obviously don't know voltage ratings of those mini cables I have, so I tried few local shops.
No luck, many cables are available but something is always wrong, I think I go with a shielded pair of some audio sort, just wondering what kind of voltages are advertised, RMS or P-P.


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