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So, uhm, green LEDs requiring higher Vf than blue. When did that happen exactly?  :wtf:


--- Quote from: Ice-Tea on February 06, 2023, 03:43:20 pm ---So, uhm, green LEDs requiring higher Vf than blue. When did that happen exactly?  :wtf:

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Since they changed from gallium arsenide to gallium nitride.

Must be one of those LEDs with a green phosphor, above a different color die?



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--- Quote from: BU508A on February 06, 2023, 05:50:29 am ---Others are (not me of course!) fans of Mireille Mathieu.  >:D

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At least she can sing. She is a very professional singer with a very good voice. Quite some years ago, I saw her in a talk show. And just there she began to sing, no orchestra, nothing. Clear, crisp and struck every note, that was amazing. Nevertheless, I would not buy a record of MM.


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I prefer Tatiana Shmailyuk.



Well nobody seems to want it in France.

I put it up for sale on as usual... 75 Euros, no takers... lowered to 60 Euros no takers... now been at 55 for 2 or 3 weeks still nobody interested.

Here is the introductory post on TEA back then :

Here is my ad on Leboncoin so you can see pics of it today :

To refresh your memory, it's made in the US, hollow state technology. A TRUE RMS voltmeter. tested with my sign gen on sine, triangle and square wave, the meter reads  100% the same no matter what the signal shape. So, it does what it says on the tin.

B/W is 4MHz which is orders of magnitude more than your fancy digital modern DMM no matter what fancy brand it might be.

Crest factor up to 15.

Excellent shape inside out. I cleaned it and fixed it so it actually works and reads fine now : a tad low, but within spec none the less.
I have not even tried to calibrate it so maybe you can do that and get it perfect.

Service manual available (attached) but.. well only for the model 320 not my 320A. It looks similar enough to be helpful, but in the small details it's not 100% the same.
Still, much better than nothing.

I have already deoxited everything of course

Super nice inside, no corrosion no nothing. It's not a turd.

WARNING : it's old and it's American... so you will need a US power cord to make use of it, or retrofit an IEC socket, whatever floats your board.

So well, if someone here wants to give him a good home ? I mean, not to steal all the tubes from it to sell them on Ebay then dump the carcass on the kerb... because I can sure do that myself...

It's not that big and not that heavy, so shipping is possible in Europe.
Manual states a weight of 21 pounds, which must be a bit under 10kg I guess, though that's for the "desktop" form factor, so I suspect mine being a rack-mount type, it might a little heavier, maybe. Shipping rates are given for up to 15kg. So assuming I can satisfy that target weight once packaged, then shipping would cost :

- To Germany only 21.60 Euros because I can use "Mondial Relay" to ship it, and their rates to Germany are basically the same as local shipping.
28.60 Euros in case it exceeds 15kg.

- To the UK it's way more than that because Mondial Relay does not ship there, so I have to use the French post service, " Colissimo ", it's called.
They are a rip off (hence why everybody stopped using them in Favour of Mondial Relay...), and charge a whooping 61.30 Euros and  78.50 above 15kg.
Then add VAT and import duties. I would declare of course a very low value, I don"t know... 10 Euros, stating it's "an ancient broken electronic instrument" or something. So 20% VAT on that, that's 2 Euros. Then duties I don't know... 5% maybe ? So not much.

So total, maybe 65 Euros, which means 58 quid at todays exchange rate.

Of course the meter is free... well I would need 10 Euros to cover the packing : a couple card board boxes + a board of styrofoam, so that it arrives intact.
Well OK, if you are one of my generous donators.. of course I would pay for the packing and lose money... but if the meter get a new life thanks to you, it's all I care about.

My goal is just to find it a good home that will not take it apart, and has space for it somewhere, somehow... because I don't personally  :(

More old TE to be offered soon.

If no takers the poor thing will have a sad ending :-(


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