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Not French, though.

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Peeppe LePhew was the frechiest of all, too bad they've cancelled him: "Madame, control yourself, I'm a solder, I have responsibilities..."

surprised there's no mention of jean michele jarre,or rosebud

Guys, I just did something that is a bit crazy for me.
I just bought a Keithley Dmm7510 for 3500 euro NEW directly from Farnell.
Had really no intention to buy it now, but it was always my dream to own one (thank you, The Signal Path), especially since I plan to start a little private company.
Without any reason I went to Farnell and searched for it, just to see its price.
There were two models.
One at the usual 5700 euro (vat included) and another one labeled "DMM7510 ENCORE" at only 3500 euro VAT included.
I didn't know what to do, so I asked Farnell and they told me that the ENCORE models are just promotions and identical to normal ones.
I knew that I would have bought it eventually and now it was 2200 euro cheaper!
I stared at the screen for 20 minutes and then clicked "buy"
This expense was not planned at all and it is the very first BIG expense I ever did.
Please tell me I got a very good deal because right now I'm extremely conflicted but also extremely happy!
It's an investment I would have done in the future, even at 5700 euro, but now that I actually spent the money it feels weird.

Seems like you got a damn good deal, it's sold out now!

It was the only one available!


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