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TERRA Operative:
I remember back in the day where the seller would go to the post office and send an item anywhere in the world. I remember doing it myself as a seller too.

Now everything costs a minimum of $25-30 to ship..
Need that specific little part that costs a couple bucks and should cost the same to ship anywhere in the world? Nope $25+ to pay freight-forwarder parasites their insane cut instead of just being sent from the local post office.


--- Quote from: factory on March 07, 2023, 08:57:30 pm ---
--- Quote from: Andrew_Debbie on March 07, 2023, 02:01:22 pm ---BBC Archives Phase 3 auction is less then 2 days away.   Not much pure TE this time.  There are a 3 or 4 analog Tektonix 'scopes.  The prices are already beyond what I'd pay for them.

I'm watching this Nagra T1 -->, some of  the other reel-to-reels --> as well as the 'scopes.   :popcorn:

--- End quote ---

Did anyone buy from the March collective sale? I completely ignored all mails they sent, been busy doing other things.
Seems electrontsl bought everything this time.  :horse:


--- End quote ---

I was watching it, tempted on a few items but didn't bid. Items are condition unknown, potentially totally fvucked, yet prices don't seem much less (if at all) than a decent working unit on fleabay. I know for a fact a couple of the items were faulty, one of the HP signal generators has a knackered output attenuator.

I was half interested in the HP 8530A Microwave Receiver gear, but.. You've got to be prepared for (and it's highly likely) to be a total loss, yet Skyscanner/Asteonline/Electrontsl etc will still be bidding it up to top dollar reserve price.

SO I was watching it, keeping an eye on things I was interested in... thinking, am I prepared to take that money out my wallet... and throw it in the bin. Stopped me buying anything.

m k:

--- Quote from: Vince on March 24, 2023, 09:19:01 pm ---Wow, good luck today, another rack mount Tek 7000 scope just popped up on !

And boy that's value for money !

A type 7844, only 60 Euros, in good nick, shown working, has readout, a BLUE phosphor, a DUAL BEAM CRT, 4 plugins/bays, and goes to 400MHz !

All that for only 60 Euros ?!

OF COURSE... it's local pickup only and the seller is too far away  |O
I will have lo learn to be content with my humble 7603.... at least it's got an extra large CRT, that's going for it...

--- End quote ---

Have you checked flights?
Cheapest from Helsinki to Bordeaux was 40€.

seems to be sort of a no return thing.

Wow you are extreme !  :-DD

No I have not checked flights. Domestic flightys are 100 times more expensive than international ones.
It would cost me a fortune to fly there, plus add an extra charge to put the scope in the cargo area because it would be too big to be accepted in the cabin.
And even in the cargo it probably would not be accepted because it's not pacakged properly.
Then I wold have to drive 40 miles and back to get to the nearest Airport in Nantes, costs money.
Then I would have to pay  god knows how much to leave my car in the car par, and hope that it's still there and in good shape when I get back.
Then I would need to pay transportation to get to and from the seller's place, because you can't assume he would be nice enough to meet you at the airport.

Makes no sense... and I am not even talking about the environmental part of it...


--- Quote from: factory on March 25, 2023, 11:32:18 am ---Got some bad news for those who buy TE, TE parts or TE manuals from the US, with "ebay global shipping program", it's being slowly replaced with an even worse service called "ebay international shipping program", this is bad for both buyers & sellers.

For buyers, you no longer get a automatic discount applied for multiple items  :--, just found this buying two manuals, as before with GSP sellers have no influence on this, you can't "request total" and they can't combine shipping to reduce the international part.
Also the tracking seems to be next to useless, I've got a HP counter which went with this dis-service, tracking ended at Chicago on the 13th, I'm getting worried it's been classified as a restricted item, the third party company being used is Asendia.  :-- Apparently tracking is limited once it leaves the US.
--- Quote ---From Asendia; This shipment was sent via a postal carrier offering limited tracking. For any delays, please contact your local post office and provide the tracking number
--- End quote ---

For sellers, I've read that they only cover up to $100, if a buyer then claims they could be out of pocket for any extra, I can't confirm this as the T&Cs are crap, but it is mentioned by people in the ebay dot com community forum, along with no refunds for shipping.
The manual seller told me, many items no longer have international as an option & some have less choice of countries they can go to, since being transferred from GSP.
I was wondering why quite a lot of items on my watch list no longer have international shipping available, this confirms it.  :palm:
Because the tracking is bullshit  :bullshit:, sellers will almost certainly get an increase in claims and will probably get fed up & quit international shipping altogether.

Well done ebay at screwing up international shipping.  :-/O


--- End quote ---

This deserves its own thread, not being "buried" as post #133449


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