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--- Quote from: AVGresponding on March 26, 2023, 05:33:58 am ---
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--- Quote from: m k on March 25, 2023, 04:24:33 pm ---Didn't remember that.

It brought up an airfield in Nepal that may include a rude awakening.

--- End quote ---

Any landing, at night, in a field in the middle of nowhere, is a rude awakening

--- End quote ---

Try a carrier in the midst of the Pacific

--- End quote ---

An aircraft carrier has lights and a smooth deck, and an ATC tower. "An random field" doesn't.

--- End quote ---

The random field's threshold height isn't varying second by second.

As the old old joke puts it "The three best things in life are a good landing, a good orgasm, and, a good bowel movement. The night carrier landing is one of the few opportunities in life where you get to experience all three at the same time"

After I was announced this:

I got an email today announcing the delivery of my hp 5370B time interval counter to me today!  :o
Shortly after that:

Ok, much to my surprise there it is:

I won't complain, of course, but what a surprise! Most of the time it's vice versa.   :-DD

But when I inspected the package from outside, my lucky feelings got immediately damped:
The package had obviously taken some hits..   :shock:

!!#*?$!  :rant:

After calming down and a first inspection removing the screw of the disintegrated foot it was clear, that

* the foot had self-sacrificingly taken all the hit and the housing/rest of the device was mechanically intact.
* I could repair both damaged parts with a hot-air gun and some glue, hopefully. If not successful, it doesn't really matter it's just cosmetics at the rear of the device.
Full story here.

TERRA Operative:
If you have a 3D printer, I made a 3D printable version that might help you out..


--- Quote from: TERRA Operative on March 26, 2023, 09:14:29 am ---If you have a 3D printer, I made a 3D printable version that might help you out..

--- End quote ---

And very nice they are..

Has anyone got a suggestion for a replacement for the attached Iwatsu SS-6122 horizontal timing pot please? The board is cracked between the carbon trace and the legs. I think it's the same as the one in SS-5711 and SS-5710 as I think it's the same scope with an added OSD.
I believe the Iwatsu name for this part is: DRV147401. The case of the part states that it is an: Alps 749Y-50KB.
It's a 50k linear potentiometer with SPDT switch, the switch operates on the clockwise side, which is pretty unusual outside of scopes because practically all available ones seem to operate on the counterclockwise side, like a radio volume control. I think it only uses the CW open, CCW closed terminal, in order to light the uncalibrated LED. I don't expect to find anything with the same tiny slotted shaft, so whatever I get I'll have to grind down to size anyway. The leg size also shouldn't matter as it could just be wired to the board while hanging in its bracket.
Is there any good source for clockwise detent/switched pots in general outside of other scopes? Searching for them on electronics distributors is awful as many don't even have a parameter for switched pots and then if they do I need to go into the datasheet on each pot and look for the switch angle (which always seems to be 30° or 50° and I assume I would be looking for 270° or so). On a side note, I've found a parametric search worse than RS' one, Bourns own one feels like it's running on 56k.

I'll probably have to settle for a CCW switched volume knob in the end (the only difference should be the variable knob working in reverse direction) but I think it must be a fairly common type of part to replace in old gear, eg. I think Teks have a similar arrangement for their uncal LED.


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