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Neomys Sapiens:
The Analogic 2030 has two identical power supplies - one for the digital (left) and one for the analogue part (right). both are fed by the primary transformer and jumper-configured for the position they are used in. The one on the digital side shows outputs of one to three Volts instead of +/-5 and +/-15V. The transformer checks out ok.
Now I have to remove the power supply. Unfortunately, the mechanical part in the service manual is missing, so there is some guesswork involved (like it was to get the thing open).

Digital (left) PSU looks like some screws through the sideframe and it will just unplug.

I bought a digital theodolite with distance measurement "Total Station" at a ham radio car boot sale a couple of weeks ago. It was missing the contol panel but was very cheap. What the seller didn't tell me was that it had been taken to pieces  ::)
How do I know it had been taken to pieces? it's a youtube star
Trouble is he took the sensors apart so the calibration is ruined. Note the main body has a list of the sensor serial numbers.
Oh well it was cheap enough for breaking. The sliprings might be useful for mounting sensors on a tripod and tribrach and there is a 30X telescope.


This Niksee DMM puppy just popped up here :

Not interested myself but thought it might interest someone here, as it's in good nick, cheap at 20 Euros, and comes with the original manual so you can know the specs and fix it if need be.

That looks familiar, was reading an old magazine from 1969 the other day, it has an advert for that very nice DMM.



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