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--- Quote from: EggertEnjoyer123 on September 23, 2023, 07:28:15 am ---I got another bench meter for $5. This time it was broken and someone wrote "Bad" on it. I wanted to have some fun fixing stuff so I bought it.

The ohms seems to work fine. The voltage measurement sometimes reads over limit with nothing connected, and sometimes it reads a very low value in the mV range. If I connect a voltage source to it nothing happens. I already checked the input fuse and it doesn't seem to be that.

This is my 4th bench multimeter.

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I'd give the range switches a good blast with contact cleaner, and check the range relays are working properly.

 racing time. the 7104. ( 7B10, 7B15, 2x 7A29, one of them with delay, C1001 video camera ntsc)
on an scopecart 53/54 (for 500series)

m k:

--- Quote from: factory on September 22, 2023, 07:26:01 pm ---Also tried formatting again in the scope, first at 720k a couple of times, no good, then 1.44M, which for the first time has worked when read back with the PC.

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Just in case,
Density Select is an old thing.
Back in the day 5.25 disks had no difference between 360k and 1.2M, so drive couldn't know what to do without some help from the controller.
So Density Select was the pin.
When 3.5 system appeared it included another corner hole for density and so the pin became more or less obsolete.
But since too easy is just too easy the DENSEL pin was reinvented, pins 4 and 6 were reserved.
Since it was still possible to connect 5.25 drive the old DENSEL was not very good pick, so it was inverted.
So combined with BIOS settings it was rock solid, high is high and low is not high.

Maybe your only problem is a level of a pin.
Since HD has two RPMs there must be a way to select which one.

Intel 82077SL is for 4M drives, its manual has pins 2 and 6, but different things for different drives.
Old 3.5" 1.2M signaling was somewhere else when my google results were generated.

It's also possible to use combination of disk and controller.
There HD is HD only if DENSEL and disk hole are HD, all other variations are something else.
Then disk hole only would be 1.2M and finally 640k or 720k DD would be a pure software thing.

I needed, then probably, a 7660 converter and actually had one, but spreadsheet didn't say it was SMD, need was DIP.
(same box had a very practical CPC1008N SSR)
New China goods SG module is almost half of what local chip is with P&P, verdict was 10x from reverse engineered source.
Then I remembered that somewhere is a pack of adapters, so now SG is back in line and soon-ish I have less irritating stock of positive to negative DC/DC converters.
Longer 1.27 2.00 pinheaders are good legs for adapter module, they are thinner and easy to use in pairs.

TERRA Operative:
Ever got through the calibration and verification of a few scopes, only to find a BNC cable is bad, making all that work invalid?  >:(

Anyway, since I got a replacement levelling head for my SG5030 (and fixed the usual frayed cables) I now have 4x fully (re...)calibrated/adjusted and verified TDS200 scopes, two of which are now upgraded from TDS210 to TDS220.
Three will be sold, and the nicest one will stay on my bench because I like it for it's simplicity and ease of use. :) And it's cute.. ^-^

Next up is the verification of my 500MHz TDS500/600 scopes to see which need actual adjustment (hopefully not too many.... I still gotta get the National Instruments ISA GPIB cards working on my PC...)

m k:
Is this ISA GPIB thing still the same old?


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