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TE incoming!
Bought a bench thermometer on ebay last night. Only £28 including shipping. Doesn't seem a great bargain until you know it's an ASL F25. Dual channel Platinum tesistance, 0.001 degree resolution and 0.025 degree accuracy. And it has two probes. Update when it arrives....


--- Quote from: Robert763 on May 22, 2024, 06:59:45 pm ---... 0.001 degree resolution and 0.025 degree accuracy ...

--- End quote ---

Now you'll have to test that claim  >:D

I've had a delivery from France yesterday, the HP 10525A logic probe from Vince.  :-+

Today I've had a closer look at it and opened it up, first thing I notice is the over-voltage protection Zeners are a bit cooked, thankfully they went short circuit and have prevented further damage.

For some unknown reason the two diodes fitted are different, one is a 1902-0049 (6.19V), but the other is a 1902-0025 (10V), the slightly older one in the pdf from a week ago has a pair of 1902-0056, the 1973/74 parts price list states this part is 23.7V  :o, must be a mistake somewhere.  :-//

I've put a pair of 1902-0049 in, next problem is the lamp being blown, it's smaller than the one I had to hand, but I was able to connect it in parallel and confirm the probe is functioning fine.  :D


So I talked myself out of buying a Fluke 760A this afternoon, despite it being a good deal... Told myself it's just too big and heavy to keep around for something I don't really have any real need for. Now I'm having second thoughts. Convince me I did right!  ;D

TERRA Operative:
You should buy it. :-DD


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