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m k:
Not much of a quiz, but somebody said somewhere that they've never seen a socket of 10.
Well, that doesn't change here.

8 bit Genrad game console / computer  ;D
So what is U44 ?

Bought myself one more multimeter last week, a MetraHit 28S selling as not powering on after a long storage time. I figured the batteries must need replacing   ::)
45€ posted is more than I'll usually put into a defective DMM but couldn't resist the 300k counts, received it a couple of days ago, finished repairing today and thought I'd report here.

The no power issue was simple enough, I think it had seen previous mild battery leakage (The PCB was pretty clean on the whole) the battery holder had been replaced but keeping a couple of cm of wire of the original one running from the PCB to solder to. The initial leakage must have seeped down between the conductor and insulation and eventually disintegrated the wire by electrolysis where it met the solder on the PCB.

Another problem, actually the first to meet my eye, was a burnt FDS6930A dual MOS for the mA current shunt switching so someone had managed to abuse it quite severely.
On the hidden side one of the BYD77 Melf clamping diodes across the shunt was cracked, heated pads had started lifting from PCB.

Back shield that had been cracked near the screw when I received it was glued with PVC glue and covered with conductive paint for the sake of ensuring a good electrical link.

On the whole it was a quite easy repair and I think well worth the price. Now my two 28S meters don't agree enough to my liking on the Volts ranges which is going to stop me from sleeping... Anyone out here no the requirements for closed-box readjustment on Mertra's ?

Also my first 28S has never been my go-to DMM and every time I've needed it the batteries were discharged. They both draw about 110-120µA in standby. It looks reasonable to me but is it normal?


--- Quote from: shakalnokturn on June 20, 2024, 06:51:39 pm ---...
So what is U44 ?

--- End quote ---
Something sitting in a chopped socket  :-DD :-DD :-DD

That isn't a video game. Looks like a Genrad DigiBridge maybe a 1689.



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