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m k:
My first picture has those support arms.
Under the left one is a regular pinheader power connector.

Somebody somewhere said also that capacitor markings have had some variations.
The big one beside the angled connector is 125uF/100V and capacity marked as MFD.

--- Quote from: Robert763 on June 21, 2024, 06:56:05 am ---That isn't a video game. Looks like a Genrad DigiBridge maybe a 1689.


--- End quote ---

Unfortunately my machine is only 1658.

Also unfortunately without GPIB board.
Bright side is that the board is quite simple with two 6820 PIAs.
And of course I have few, almost new from previous millennia.
Means also that all of its higher functionality can be readily available.

Power supply has couple bigger caps.
Based on those caps one could think that output connector should have thicker pins.

And some field instruments to calibrate with the 3458a......

Not muchj to report in the lab... house work is now the priority now that the nice weather is back, or kind of. Weird weatherthe past 6 months...

Still, lab is not 100% dead. Although I am in clearing mode rather than buying mode, you gotta stay open minded and cease good opportunities when they pop up... so that's what I did.

I saw a couple ads here on for BNC coax 50R cables. With 40+ scopes and a good half a dozen Nikc counters, I need cables don't I...

Combined, these two ads amount to 75 Euros for 20 cables, that's 3/4 Euros per cable, and it's good stuff. 3/4 of them branded Radiall, length 50, 100 and 200cm.
Cable type R285, found a datashett for that, good for 3GHz perfect for my humble uses... I am not into RF.

1/4 of them are branded "ATEM" whoever they are.. cable type RG223, datasheet says 8GHt IIRC.... more than I will ever have the use for, that's for sure.

All in tip top shape, both the cables or the connectors.

I thought at that price they might be cheap Chinese counterfeit stuff that would bite me in the ass one day but... no. All these cables do look in excellent shape, but also clearly have patina to them, they are used... which is good. Makes it more believable that they are genuine. The Radiall cables do have "Radiall" molded into the plastic of the strain relief piece, which is another good sign.

So overall a really good buy I thought. It happens once in a while...
Seller still has plenty more such cables for sale, but I gotta stop somewhere, can't buy them all.
Looks like he got a palette full of the stuff... maybe at his work they decommissioned a huge test setup with tons of cables wiring up tons of scopes and sig gens and what have you...who knows.

Quick hello.      I had a half day off work today.  Decided to spend it in the office fixing my Racal-Danna 1998 Counter.    A few of the push buttons failed, a common problem.  Several threads on here about repairs.

A few notes, in case anyone else is about to do this:

Take off the sensitivity knob and the lock ring from the A input.

Along with the obvious screws, remove the two screws holding the assy. at the bottom left of this photo.  They might look like they just attach the shield. They connect the thing to the front panel.   Yes mine has an ovened crystal.  Sometimes you get lucky.

I managed to find buttons that almost drop in.     I'll have to either modify the button tops or print new ones.     It is not easy getting the buttons to be in exactly the right spot. 

Back in service pending button top replacement.   I've never adjusted it.  I don't think anyone has touched it in many years.  It had been sitting in a shed for ages.  Cal sticker is from 2004.    I just ordered a Bodnar GPSDO.  I'm curious to see how far out it is.   Maybe it is still in spec???   


m k:
I guess a device quiz is a bit too much, can't find a single online picture.
But maybe a type of the device.


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