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The Siglent SDG2042X Thread

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Vit G:
Nothing changed after the last update. The same difference of 250 pS between channels. If the EqPhase button still doesn't work, then replace it with something more useful =) The cables I use are identical in length. I even swapped them, nothing changed. Look how Rigol did it. when you press the EqPhase button, their device very accurately phases the outputs

How much better is the SDG6022X than a SDG2142X ? (which I own , but I would like closer to 0.5-1GHz)

What else is on par with the 6022X ? I'm sort of locked into Siglent tho, since my scopes are Siglent, and they can work together with the AWG.


--- Quote from: MathWizard on October 23, 2023, 06:29:51 am ---How much better is the SDG6022X than a SDG2142X ? (which I own , ...)

--- End quote ---
SDG6000X is a 500 MHz capable design and they are both all but identical to operate.

--- Quote ---but I would like closer to 0.5-1GHz
--- End quote ---
SDG7000A models within budget ?

Would an RF gen like the 2.1 GHz SSG3021X meet your HF needs ?

and the SSG3021X  can be more ....


--- Quote from: coromonadalix on October 23, 2023, 07:31:27 am ---and the SSG3021X  can be more ....

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Correct, more economical than SDG7000A series when you only need higher BW sinewaves.

SSG3021X has been my choice for such needs.


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