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Thinking of buying Tektronix PS-2521G power supply



In my new Job I got hell lot of gear that is un-needed , today I stumbled some Tektronix PS-2521G in there ( and some 60V 30A Horizon ! ) the boss will sell it to me for less then 280$

what is the overal opinion to that supply ?  is it good quality ?

does one of you can tell me - what is the ripple like ?

Current riple and voltage and the on/of raise and fall time ?

if you can tell me about the user interface as well

I know tek are good so no worries but still , Just asking you know :P

thank you in advance ! :)

just a rebrand. tektronix, tenma , metrix,  made in china somewhere .. long ago

these things are old. they are plagued by two problems :
1) the keypads become sticky / intermittent. you need to take the front off , clean the pcb with alcohol and apply a fresh coat of carbon on the membrane
2) the output on/off is done by clunky relays. no softstart. these relays eventually go bad.

another annoyance of these supplies is that there is no rotary dial. so if you need to play with a varying supply it becomes tedious ...

i got a stack of those in the lab where i work. nobody wants to touch em anymore. they all got problematic keypads / bad relays and have fried many a board during poweron  ( oh and you cannot control individual output on. it's all or nothing )

so it isn't worth 250$ ?

well there was many .. so i'll see what eles i shall chek ...

any suggestion for some good multy channel supply ?

thank you :)


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