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Thrift Store Find -BK Precision 1541c and Bel-Merit MT-100

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I was in the local GoodWill Thrift store today and sitting on the shelf with 20 yr old stereos was a BK Precision 1541c 40 MHz oscilloscope and a Bel-Merit MT-100  "All-In-One Instrument"  ::) -with triple output power supply to 50V, 0.5 amp, 2MHz Funct Gen, Frequency counter and multimeter.  Never heard of this brand before...

Anyone know where I might find manuals for these??. A quick google search and no joy...

Both seem to work fine - though in need of a bit of cleaning up.  The multimeter is a wee bit off.. :o

But for this price - I really can't complain! :-+

They'll be perfect for my boys first instruments!

pretty neat, my local thrift stores never have any interesting electronics.


--- Quote from: Vgkid on July 21, 2013, 01:11:19 am ---pretty neat, my local thrift stores never have any interesting electronics.

--- End quote ---

Mine don't either. I usually look but the only worthwhile electronics I've ever bought is the occasional power strip or cable.   I just happened to go in with my 7 yr old to find him some  elbow and knee pads for skateboarding  and found this.  The funny thing is,  the guy who works there and takes this stuff in and prices it saw me plugging them in to see if they powered up and asked me what they were -he said they both came in together.  Knowing that they could probably be sold on ebay for a few hundred bucks - it kind of felt like stealing... :-[

Cool. That merit thi g looks like an early flavor of the tenma/metex all in ones. Good catch !

Ooh, nice. I'll have to check the local ones once in a while, wouldn't want to pass that up.

My first scope was the 20 MHz version of that, actually GoldStar. It was a good one (well, besides the whole "20 MHz" thing...). I distinctly remember liking the feel of those lever switches and the push/pull switches on the knobs.


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