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Thurlby Thandar QL355 Power Supply - Pt. 2; the innards

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First thing I noticed was the big cap located between vent holes and the heat sink. I really hope that fan sucks the air in from the back, otherwise all the heat will pass the large cap before leaving the enclosure.

AIM TTi is a company that I still can't figure out with regard to design quality. Their products seem very good to me, yet when seeing the inside of this supply I only can say that it's OK. Maybe my standards are a bit high, but I was kinda disapointed. However, I had the same experience with the Agilent U8000 series. They aren't like the "old" HP ones sadly. Not to say they're bad, on the contrary, yet I think it's safe to say R&D gets less funding nowadays.

So what do you think guys? Is this power supply worth it?
I mean the features and power is suitable for my needs (on spec looks pretty good),  but really, I am not sure regrading the caps and there have been reports of those heatsink metal holders breaking.

Surely i would expect nichicon caps in a 600 dollar power supply, but why TTi, WHY?!
Maybe the only reason why their power supplies are a little more in "value" is this

I would not recommend this simply because I regard Samwha as poor capacitors that are not fit for use in a high-end piece of equipment like this.


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