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Thurlby Thandar QL355 Power Supply - Pt. 2; the innards

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Since there was modest interest in the other thread, I thought I'd post a few photos of the innards of the machine. Hopefully with the aid of the general overview photos at the beginning, you'll be able to work out which bits are where.

[Edit to add] I meant to mention that the power supply weighs 12lb on the dot (5.5kg-ish). I know how interested some of you are in how much things weigh.


Clipped on heatsinks  :(
Samwha caps  :(

Nice photos.  If those heatsinks are true Avvids maxclips, those are top notch if not proprietary heat sink designs.  Most everything seems to look A#1.

Given they could easily get the reputable Japanese Panasonic, Rubycon etc., brands that have been around for decades, I would guess they did their homework for choosing the Korean maker Samwha, I don't know much about them except they have good spec sheets but Digikey doesn't carry them  ::).

Jamicons too. :( Samwha are a very new company without proven reliability - they were formed from the old Samsung capacitor business, and Samsung still use them a lot. (I'm not sure if there's a partnership or ownership by Samsung though.)

It's clearly had some cost savings applied in the cap area, so maybe there are other savings too? I would prefer passive cooled huge metal heatsink without fan (like my old PS does 35V, 3A continuous without a fan, only gets a bit warm), does fan speed vary with temperature?

Huge would be huge ...

30V 5amps x2 no problem ...


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