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Time for a new scope, which one?

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Radio Tech:
For the past couple of weeks I have been looking at the Chinese Digital storage oscilloscopes.
99% of my repairs are geared towards RF radio repair. CB and Ham radio.  For years I have got by with an old Bell and Howell 10D-4540. Yep, 10 mhz.  A few years ago I bought a Sencore CS-61.  Microprocessor controlled 60 mhz usable to 100 mhz. I love this scope.  I have been able to track down problems much faster.  But it was old when I purchased it and does have a few quirks that need addressing.

So with that I am thinking DSO. And looking at the cheap ones. I have about 300 US dollars to spend. And these are the ones I have looked at but not a lot of reviews on them:

Scope 1:

Scope 2:

These will run about 60 bucks to ship to the USA.  So that is about as much as I can put into one.

If anyone has used either of these or can suggest something other it would be greatly appreciated. Maybe even a used scope but hate to buy something either way that is crap.


Radio Tech:
After looking there really is not much different between the 2 listed models. Was able to find a few things on the web about the Siglent but nothing on the Atten.

Have you looked into Rigol 'scopes in your price range? I think this is what Dave recommended in a video some time ago.
You can also check out OWON, but I didn't find any 100 MHz ones under $300, only 30 MHz or so. Depends on how much bandwith you actually need.

Radio Tech:
Thanks for the reply Nack.
I have looked at both the Rigol and Owon scopes.  Like the 2 I posted are 100 mhz. The Rigol and Owon scopes in that price range are 25 mhz. At 27 mhz RF I need at least a min 60 mhz.
I will continue to look at those two brands and see what else I can find on them.

I am looking at this one now:

Owon PDS6062S 60 MHz Portable Digital Oscilloscope

I did find a review on the 6062


--- Quote from: Nack486 on March 11, 2013, 08:56:36 pm ---Have you looked into Rigol 'scopes in your price range? I think this is what Dave recommended in a video some time ago.

--- End quote ---

4 Years ago!
I have not investigated the best bang-per-buck low end scope since then.



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