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Title: Ultimate 2Channel 16Bit Wave Generator withlow PN & Jitter
Post by: hpw on June 03, 2021, 12:12:29 pm


looking for a wave generator, may today with 20bit DAC, 20..60MHz, dual channel, low THD & PN & Jitter  :popcorn:

Siglent SDG2k series using 16 Bit DAC, high THD & PN & Jitter, buggy SW and Siglent is at :palm:

Siglent SDG6K series using 16 bit DAC, high THD & PN & jitter, buggy SW and Siglent is at :palm:

Keysight 336xxx series about year 2014 using 14 bit DAC, about 70dB THD, good PN (using OXCO) & Jitter (as 1 ps)

so what company has currently now the yellow on the wave egg?

as bug free, dual channel, good THD, 16..20 Bit DAC, good PN, good low Jitter as Keysight 336xxx series?



Title: Re: Ultimate 2Channel 16Bit Wave Generator withlow PN & Jitter
Post by: radiolistener on June 03, 2021, 12:52:21 pm
14-16 bit is the maximum for high speed DAC and ADC.

Jitter performance is limited with DAC linearity, sample rate and antialias LPF attenuation level outside pass band.

Siglent SDG6000X should be better than SDG2000X. They both use the best available DAC for their bandwidth.
Title: Re: Ultimate 2Channel 16Bit Wave Generator withlow PN & Jitter
Post by: mawyatt on June 03, 2021, 01:45:19 pm
Almost 15 years ago we were shown the core technology BiCMOS SiGe DAC called Griffin, that later became the Keysight M8190 AWG. We've taken high resolution images of this Griffin chip and later utilized this chip for "other" uses than a bench AWG. The DAC performance was the best performing HS DAC surpassing anything available for a number of years, even outperforming the advanced research DACs being developed at various companies, labs and universities.  We witnessed NPR measurements of almost -70dB, SFDR better than -90dBc and ENOBs >13 bits back then. Edit recall the Phase Noise was something like -166dBc at 1KHz offset at certain frequencies. Some of the details of Griffin were later published in the IEEE, recall the DAC used a segmented architecture with 8 bit binary weighted and 6 bit (31 current sources) with Dynamic Element matching and a very interesting switched current source design.

KS was also developing another DAC for future, called Phoenix, with higher sample rates >20GSPS, SFDR well below -100dBc, with ENOBs of >16 bits. Don't know if Phoenix has been utilized any any of the latest AWGs though, retired a few years ago and haven't kept up to date.

Anyway, it's likely Keysight will have the best performing AWG, unlikely it will be inexpensive tho. Don't know what the M8190A cost, but certainly out of my price range  ::) (

Title: Re: Ultimate 2Channel 16Bit Wave Generator withlow PN & Jitter
Post by: hpw on June 04, 2021, 09:55:26 am

Hi mawyat,

Thank you for the suggestion, even more am monster in every regards :D

The beef question will be, how the KS 336xxA dual channels models really performs, as with PN & Jitter over the full freq. range and only on Square wave or even on Sine wave too.

Siglent and coo branded of 2K or 6K model for my use show a high jitter figure and may a higher THD figure... Jitter as seen on the SSA (200Hz Span 1 Hz RB at 10Mhz) do the synthesizer crappy solution, as seen IMHO as on the SDG2k... the 6K model may similar.

In other words go cheap and crappy or expensive without knowing the result  :palm:

All nice videos seen do not help in any regards  |O While real tests for the KS 336xxA models seams to be as none existing.

Or one offer with PM message the help out  :popcorn: