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Hey guys

was wondering if any of you guys heard of the UNIT-T U233 meter.
Here is the link to the eBay seller
I got the guy to send me pictures of the inside and it looks to have no protection circuitry.

what do you guys think?

Nice 10,000 count AC only clamp meter with auto calibration.
Fair price for this one, with datalogging (99), USB, Backlight, lots of phase tests and power/energy display.
No bar graph, but multiple display.
It only does voltage, so input protection is not really necessary. Probably has crowbar circuit for its 600V rating.
The PCB looks fine, with just some flux residue in some places.

Clamp meter measures current using magnetic field thru the clamp, and totally electrically isolated, hence no need for heavy protection circuitry like big HRC fuses as ordinary multimeter for current measurement if this is what you're looking for or expecting.

For measuring voltage, ohm, temperature and etc don't need those big fuses.

Edit : Wytnucls beats me ...  :P

Looks like junk to me. Solder blobs hanging around on the board everywhere, no input protection, I see one tombstoned diode, and melted plastic on some ICs where it looks like some ham fisted monkey was in there with a soldering iron trying to fix things. Don't buy it.

P.S. And yes you still need some input protection......

P.P.S. A 3 phase meter only good to CATIII 600V and CATIV 300V? This somewhat limits its usefulness in real world 3 phase power measurements, even if it really meets its CAT ratings.

Yeah the input jacks look pretty poor quality, and lack of protection for over voltage is a bit of a worry. Been looking around and there is not much else on offer unless you spend alot more. Extech used to have one but cant get a hold of that one anymore :(
Its for Uni to use in LAB so not dealing with anything too exstream, just want something reliable


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