Author Topic: LCR-TC1 chinese LCR/Transistor tester troubles  (Read 1018 times)

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LCR-TC1 chinese LCR/Transistor tester troubles
« on: March 06, 2019, 08:25:56 pm »
For some reason, there seem to be some people on the net who seem quite happy with that little stinker here:

I got my second one now, and hey, at least it has a different failure mode...
The first one shows only rubbish ("dirty snow" with similar pattern every time) on screen, but the tested LED flashes a bit when it's doing that.
Now the supposed replacement does one measurement, manages to show the result for 1..2 seconds, and then the screen fades darker to off within a second or so, and the next time I press the button, the LED will flash, but the screen remain dark.
And if I then connect the USB charger, the charging LED will show red again, although I let that sucker charge over night.

How many times do I need to try until I get an actually working one, on average?

Or are there quick fixes to maybe known problems?
(2nd sounds like battery is DOA, since they let me keep the 1st one, I might swap it, but if the problem is other rubbish parts or bad assembly, ... )

(my older USB-only china tester with no battery works like a charm, but it can measure fewer things than this, so I thought I upgrade, but no... ;))

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Re: LCR-TC1 chinese LCR/Transistor tester troubles
« Reply #1 on: March 09, 2019, 04:16:40 pm »
Ah allright, there is a thread about that gadget on here from last year:

Symptoms don't sound exactly like mine, but then there's this monstrous thread from some years back:$20-lcr-esr-transistor-checker-project/2225/

didn't see it at first. Looks like I need to comb through that.
Unless someone sees this who recognizes the problem and can give me pointers? ;) (hundreds of pages,  :o )

I could also just try to complain at the ebay seller with rented storage area in europe to send me yet another one... but if those things just are made with crappy components that needs replacement sooner or later... (I am getting rather weary of communicating with them, like Chinese sellers tend to do, they make it quite draining ;))

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Re: LCR-TC1 chinese LCR/Transistor tester troubles
« Reply #2 on: March 09, 2019, 04:56:10 pm »
ST7735 based LCDs start with a snowy display when not cleared before turning the display one. If the display stays snowy there could be something wrong with the firmware or signal lines. The issue of the second unit might be caused by a power problem. Check the MLCCs and Schottky diode for the Zener test voltage.

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