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Uni-T UT511 insulation tester teardown photos, unboxing and preview.

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--- Quote from: SeanB on February 01, 2013, 04:17:18 pm ---Very nice looking meter there, worth buying. ..., along with Chinese New Years......

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Yes, I am holding my orders too till Chinese new year is over, I have some clamp meters and maybe a multimeter coming up to take some video's  :)

--- Quote from: HKJ on February 01, 2013, 06:35:28 pm ---Notice the E-Stop (Emergency stop) on the tester, there is a reason for this.
With the UT513 (5KV version) a breakdown of isolation in the test object will stop the MPU from working and the only way to turn of the test voltage is the E-Stop!

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Good to know HKJ, I was under impression it was for emergency if someone get shocked with the tester, thanks for sharing the information.

I just got a UT501. Have started new job so bit short of time but it seems to have a feature: output is always live (at up to 2.5kV) even without test button. F-ing shocking experience.

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Hmm, that is weird larry42 I got the UT501 several times in my hands at 1000v mode without the test button activated I didn’t get any shock from the leads, I don’t have the unit to test that again but maybe your tester is defective? How did you measure the 2.5kV?

The topic for UT501 is here btw


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