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Uni-T UT511 insulation tester teardown photos, unboxing and preview.

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Uni-T UT511 insulation tester, just unboxing and preview, if you like to see a teardown let me know I can take photo’s if there are enough requests.

Tester is feeling really solid with some nice test leads crocodiles attached to it, Uni-T keeps surprising me to be honest, for a insulation tester below 100 USD it’s just a bargain. I got it from a ebay seller with less than 300 feedbacks but the package arrived in 6 days that’s just unbelievable normally it takes 3 to 4 weeks from china to the Netherlands and it was the cheapest on ebay.

Here is the video, see how the meter looks like:

31 january:
I had some time to take the photos today :)

I must say Uni-T is getting my attention more and more every time when I open up their equipment, sure it is not top of the line quality but it is also not bad at all. I am surprised how nicely the workmanship is done and they put some protection, no need for a fuse because it is not measuring current.

I can’t wait till I get the UT61E which I ordered from Franky and I also ordered a UT603 LCR meter from ebay couple weeks ago and didn’t receive it yet. Like I said Uni-T is getting my attention, none of the other manufacturers than Fluke are my favorite but for cheaper equipment I would recomend Uni-T. I hope I can keep the Fluke’s I own in count more than the Uni-T’s  ;D

Here are the pictures, we start with the carrying case, don’t forget all this is less than 100 USD:

Case opened and backlight on:

UT511 front panel, nice and sharp display:

UT511 backside:

Battery compartment:

Case split:

The main PCB:

Top left of the main PCB with the protection and PCB cutouts for arc jump, also notice what Dave was talking about the arc shield inside Fluke CNX3000 at the back side of the input jacks, you see the opening gaps are open every time in different positions so the arc won’t get chance to jump over, it is nice to see this on a cheap equipment, it is not so good thought as Fluke because on the other side of the case there is no molding to enclose everything but still:

Bottom left part of the main PCB:

Top right of the PCB and also PCB cutouts for protection:

Bottom right of the PCB:

Front of the main PCB:

Main chip is under the LCD but I didn’t want to remove the LED’s on both side to get there on a new meter:

PCB for the external power supply, notice the unpopulated side of it, that’s probably for higher models with USB interface for data logging:

Bottom part of the case has a ridge which is for the top part so the case feels really solid when it is put together, they made some curves on the top side where the input and output jacks are to make it strong:


--- Quote from: Spawn on January 30, 2013, 07:24:24 am ---Uni-T UT511 insulation tester, just unboxing and preview, if you like to see a teardown let me know I can take photo’s if there are enough requests.

--- End quote ---
Yes, I want to see teardown photos.

Not much interest in a insulation tester, that is normal on a electronics forum of course, it is after all electricians tool  ;D

Retiredcaps, I will try to take some photos soon  ^-^

I like your videos, but images of the insides will do just fine. Yes I want to see inside!

Thanks Lightages  :) I will take some photos in the weekend.


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