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Uni-T UTD1050DL oscilloscope firmware dump needed

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I got this handheld oscilloscope new for cheep. When powering on, the SHIFT button turns green and display goes to a red Uni-T logo on black screen and then nothing happens/changes. I can power it off. When I connect it to a PC there is no reaction from PC side.
I suspect factory defect, but can't guarantee. Would want to reflash a NAND chip. Or/and SPI Flash. Measurements in some control points would be welcome also.
I may share photos of internals of the device.

did you moved forward?

without changes. Dump still needed.


I'm in a similare situaltion:
          UTD1050DL no start,
          only one button light up green,
          not even the display gets on, in my case,

Poked around and found a uart on the 12 pin-connector "9J2":
      Pin 9:   3V3
      Pin10:  GND
      Pin11:  TX
      Pin12:  RX (I guess)

With a FTDI adaptor (115.2kb) I can read:
      U-Boot SPL 2011.09 (Feb 27 2020 - 10:56:49)
      Texas Instruments Revision detection unimplemented
      U-Boot 2011.09 (Mar 20 2020 - 13:08:02)

Checked I2C flash "8U6"  (GD25Q80) but it's empty (all „FF“).

Maybe someone could help my with a dump of "8U6".

Looking at this board/layout I suspect 8U6 is calibration data or similar. The large flash next to it is where i suspect the main firmware lies.
As you have u-boot access see if a serial terminal will allow you to type "printenv" no quotes and see if it dumps the uboot environment.
you can also dump the flash to serial port this way too.
depending on the uboot build you may even be able to write the firmware via serial too
I also suspect that the two row connector next to 9LED2 (pic 3, bottom right ) is JTAG and with a device that runs uboot then it's no doubts for me.
Also if this is built like of uni-t scopes then it will have a DMM chip too in some way and they wont finish bootup until that DMM chip spits out it's initial values, I have tested this with a faulty uni-t 81B  and a working one and the broken unit had no serial output from the dmm chip but the dmm chip still functioned (i could connect lcd to it's lcd output pins and that showed it working and displaying correct values)
I dont know what under the pads in the board pics but i will guess you will find a DMM Single chip solution that they use for basic value reading (non scope mode)



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