Author Topic: Rigol 1054z and 1074z timing problems at 500ms timescale and 24M memory depth  (Read 2063 times)

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I wonder if this sort of thing happens with the other Chinese brands like GW Instek, Siglent, Owon or Hantek.

Shame on you Rigol :-- If many of you complain there's a chance that Rigol will listen and correct the issue. Dave should make a video of this, I bet Rigol will come running after that.

I own a Rigol Spectrum Analyzer and an arbitrary waveform generator, haven't had any problems yet, that I know of..  :phew:
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After several months, the people of rigol consulted me what version of firmware I had installed and a screenshot, since the last firmware revision corrected that error, because it did not correct it, it remains the same !!!! |O |O |O

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I mean, don't they have at least one scope to test it themselves???
All they had to do is plug the probe on the calibration output and turn two knobs.

All instruments lie. Usually on the bench.

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Is it too complex to solve that problem? or is it that they no longer care?

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