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Just received this email.  Although I'm fairly critical of Rigol these days, I could use a mediacore signal gen if it's priced right.  Looks like more info next week.

The DSG800 Delivers:

9kHz - 3GHz Output Frequency
Max Output +20dBm
Standard ,2ppm Clock (opt 5ppb available)
AM/FM/?M Modulation
Optional Pulse Modulation/Pulse Train Generator

I just received the same email. I am very interested but it is a shame there is not a 6 GHz option. That is a maybe a deal killer for me.

I am going to hold my breath until they give more specs.

More details are up on Rigol UK's web site:

Looks like Rigol is going for a US$2000 price point.

Edit: The link to the DSG800 series, including DSG830

Mmmm, yup, with datasheet:

Is it me or does this look like it might be an upgraded version of the DSA800's tracking gen in a box?


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