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(no longer) Urgent: is Saelig an authorized distributor?

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I ordered a Rigol from Saelig, but now I realize I am not sure if they are authorized distribuitors. Oscilloscopes ave very expensive and I definitely don't want one without the waranty. Rigol voids your warranty if you buy the scope via an non-authorized distribuitor. I have seen it mentioned on the internet by normal people that they are authorized but not a word from them or Rigol.  :-BROKE

I want an answer before monday in case I want to cancel my order.

Did you just get robbed if so, if you have any further trouble  I will donate some cash. Don't worry about a Rigol warranty so much,

I was thinking about starting a blog like this one in spanish, only then I could justify money donations, but thanks anyway  :)

I bought my Rigol form them a couple of years ago. I had an issue with the knobs and IIRC Saelig sent me to Rigol US and they sent me replacement knobs. So I think thay are official

That sounds official  enough.  :phew:
Not canceling my order.


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