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Use AWG to generate PAL video pattern?

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Is there an AWG out there that would let me easily generate a simple, static, PAL video signal?  Something like the Rigol DG4062?

When I say easy, I guess I'm thinking of 1 of 2 methods:
  1. A 'TV PAL' built-in waveform.  Great!  :)
  2. I understand exactly what my video signal should look like, so I daresay I could construct the pattern and produce a CSV/XML/whatever data file of the signal I want - the AWG would need some mechanism for importing a pattern from file.
 3.  Anything else!

Any ideas?  Cheers!   

Test and measure :

are selling a Tektronix TSG131A PAL Signal Generator but it is rather pricier than the DG4062 (though not by that much) and I guess the shipping to Australia would be prohibitive.

That unit looks good, but am hoping to find an AWG that does this, to avoid investing in both AWG and dedicated video signal generator, if I can.  Budget is tight. 

The Rigol scope demo board will produce a PAL signal:

But I don't know if that would be flexible enough for you.

IMHO you should be able to buy a PAL videogenerator for peanuts. Repair shops are dumping them all the time. Look on Ebay and try to make a deal on a 'buy it now' item. I recently got some equipment for half the asking price but OTOH I did buy the entire lot 8)


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