Author Topic: Used mertrix with some defects is it worth getting?  (Read 1066 times)

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Used mertrix with some defects is it worth getting?
« on: July 29, 2015, 08:49:28 pm »
Hi everyone,

This my first post in this forum, I am a web developer/programmer who is starting to fall in love with electronics and physics.

I've looked around for an oscilloscope locally, all i find is a new  highly price oscilloscopes.
The only used ones i found is a metrix ox 8050 60MHZ digital/ 40 MHZ analog for about 105$, and another metrix ox 8050 100MHZ/60MHZ (80$). more specifications is in the url
Did not find a service manual or any manual mentioning that units.

First thing i will using it for is to tune my car audio, so FFT  and harmonics functions will come handy, then maybe later do some arduino stuff.
It is sold as is with no warranty or refund, the only option is to run it and see by yourself.

So the first one (metrix ox8050 60MHZ/40MHZ 105$) had some missing knobs and dents. when playing with vertical v/div and put it to minimum (not sure) there is a wave showing on the screen
i don't know if it is because being next to an electrical stuff. there is no probes to do any testing, i have to buy probes to test this unit.

The second one (metrix ox8050 100MHZ/60MHZ 80$) looks clean outside. but the screen is out of focus and the controls didn't do anything, same thing with intensity. they have probes, but i didn't do any much further test. other buttons seems to works.

So the question here is should i get one of these and try to fix it either by myself or hand it to a repair shop. Is it easy fix and worth the hassle.
These two are the only thing i could found locally.

The only other place i could find some good oscilloscopes with a little bit cheaper shipping prices than ebay is a chinese website called taobao.
most likely no one ever heard about it. it like en ebay alternative to Chinese people.
I looked around and found that they have an imported and fixed and calibrated,two years warranty claimed oscilloscopes. for example Hitachi V1560 100MHZ for 125$, there is a cheaper ones but shipping price to my country is about 90$

What do you think? get of the local ones and fix it, buy from china, or neither.

There is two used oscilloscopes locally, one with blur screen and intensity knob didn't work, the other one showing wave form with no probes connected.
Are they worth getting and fixing? another alternative is buy from china an imported (japanese hitachi for example) tested and calibrated oscilloscope, they cost double price of the previous two.
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