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Usefulness of clamp meter for general electronics work?

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Rooster Cogburn:
I've been looking at clamp multimeters for general electronics work. Consumer electronics troubleshooting (TVs/network gear/audio gear/laptops/game consoles), PC/microcontroller/RPi stuff. Clamp multimeters seem to be mostly targeted towards electricians, car mechanics, high amperage AC measurements, but I wonder if I would get some utility out of one on my bench.

I did some research and stumbled on the UT210E (Pro) as an inexpensive AC/DC current clamp meter with mA resolution and read a bit through the large thread it has here. There's also the slightly more expensive UT204+, but I guess 6000counts with a 6A range is basically the same as 2000counts with a 2A range if I'm mostly interested in mA?

I'm just curious if you think it's worth the 30-60EUR to buy such a meter for my use case, considering the limits in accuracy and potential finicky issues with interference, zeroing and magnetized clamps. Also, would looking into a current scope probe or a clamp for my existing Fluke meter be a better option? (I suspect no since it'll likely be too pricey, but please correct me there).



--- Quote from: Rooster Cogburn on October 23, 2021, 05:11:45 pm ---I'm just curious if you think it's worth the 30-60EUR to buy such a meter for my use case

--- End quote ---

I vote "no".

Rooster Cogburn:

--- Quote from: Fungus on October 23, 2021, 05:21:00 pm ---I vote "no".

--- End quote ---

I'd get some use out of some magic device that could tell me the current flow through a wire, but these inexpensive ones are just too low accuracy to be of use?

There seem to be inexpensive current clamp scope probes:

...but >=10mA and ±(1.5% ± 5mA) is not very useful.

I've also found this device:

The 0.01mA DC resolution and smaller clamp seem very much like what I'm looking for, but I don't even dare to research its price.

This is an interesting device:

Rooster Cogburn:

--- Quote from: Grandchuck on October 23, 2021, 05:46:29 pm ---This is an interesting device:

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Huh, neat. I know there are scope probes that you can just put on a PCB trace, but they're usually way out of my price range and much more expensive than this.


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