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UT58E vs UT61E or Amprobe AM-270?

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All right, my portable multimeter broke again so I'm planning to buy a better replacement now.

I was looking for the UT71E, but after reading some bad experiences with that meter, I decided to go another path.
(to bad, I really liked the options)
I'm in doubt with the UT58E or the UT61E.

I know what the UT61E can do and I lot of people are really happy with that multimeter.
However, I do not need TRUE rms on a daily basis (I still have two Fluke bench multimeters for that) so the UT58E would maybe a better option.
According to the specsheet, a little bit more accurate and it has also some more options.
I do not need to measure really high voltages (>500Vdc)

So, is there any experience with the UT58E?
Can I expect the same quality as the UT61E or is it also worse like the UT71 range?

Martin did a review of the UT90A which has a similar look to the UT58E.  You may find it useful?

If you want a good meter, and you were thinking of an UT71E, then I would split the difference on what you are thinking of now and get an Amprobe AM-270 for less than $90. It is built correctly for safety and has good specs too.

The lack of auto-ranging on the 58E would be a deal breaker for me.  :--

What's wrong with a UT61E? There's not much you could do to fault it and you can't easily damage it either.
The UT61E is apparently the best built amongst all the UNI-T products, the UT71 is atrocious but the UT61 IS NOT.


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