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UTD420C .What do you need to know on the scope?(I have got one to play with )

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I know some Uni-T distributor and he told me to "learn" all the hidden options ect of that scope , and I thought , don't you need some info about Uni-T's scopes ?

well I can tell you that my DSOX2002 is better , we compared them , the Uni-t has 16pF while my agilent has only 11pF ( input capacitance )  hence the fall / raise time was more accurate in my agilent , also he has low count on that particular measurement , while mine was 17.5nS , the Uni-T was filckering 18~20nS and has only 1nS resolution while mine has 0.1nS ,

the scope feel reasonably , the buttons feel okay but the knobs feel crappy , now way near the agilent ,  the scope has some Dual time base option ( I didn't discovered all but I can tell you it has 2 screens for say CH1 with two different time bases , wired )

the scope has lame DMM option which can measure voltage current resistance and diode etc , but the actual inputs measures only voltage , you get two adaptors ( Shunts) for measuring 400/40/4 mA range ,

that really annoying since you have to manually change the range on the adaptor and then change the range n the scope himself , very bad user interface - to my opinion )

Unlike the agilent - you have only run/stop mode and not single on the panel , in order to get single shot(s) you need to go to the trigger menu and choose "single"

the horrible small display is no way near the HD (?) display the agilent got , not talking about the horrible red(ish) Uni-T's color on the back , yuck  :--

that Uni-T cost is aprox 2500$ for 4 CH 200Mhz device , I would definitely go for the 70Mhz 4CH agilent offer ( in my particular case , with 2500$ I could have bought 350Mhz 4CH , *BUT* that only me and the local Agilent's distributor ) hence I would only go for either old HP/Agilent/lecroy etc , and NEVER new or used Uni-T , But assuming you do , well , it's your Choice  :-//

If you need/want me to run some checks for that or any other Uni-T model ( including meters etc ) please let me know ,  I DO have access to Cal lab with fluke 5700 within cal so no worries , and some other 500Mhz 4CH scopes to compare , so please give me any task :P

Cheers ! :)

I think you mean the 4 channel 200MHz 2GS/s 24kpts UTD4204C, which is an old design, with the low res screen.
The one to test, if you can get hold of it, is the newer 16Mpts 100MHz UTD4102CM.

no problem . I'll contact him today

UTD4204C seems to be not bad, but it has the bloody small screen. Anyway, try to compare it with Rigol DS1000 somehow. Check, if it has cursors in XY mode.
Their webpage is really crap. There is no support like firmware or user manual for download.
Is it possible to get the new firmware somehow?? The upgrade procedure is mentioned in the user manual.
Anyway, I managed to get the user manual. This scope is not cheap at all. It costs about 27000 CZK, but my Agilent DSOX2002A costs about 31000 CZK.
I don't know, who will ever buy this scope. If I wanted a cheap 200MHz scope, I would go for Owon SDS8202 for 16 630 CZK.


I returned the scope today since you told me the main interest is for the new one ( 100Mhz 4 CH 16Mpst ) so I told the man and he will give me that scope once he'll have it :P


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