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Value in a second scope?

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Very shortly I'll have a new DS2000 series scope, and was about to sell my old DS1052E.  Considering they're not worth much these days, I might get something like $150 for it.

I was wondering whether people use a second scope often enough to justify keeping it?

The only time I can imagine it being useful is if I can trigger it off the DS2000 trigger out to capture 4-channels for those one off times it's really needed.

The 1052 can run off a battery as I recall, and that can be handy


--- Quote from: Galaxyrise on May 20, 2013, 01:05:25 am ---The 1052 can run off a battery as I recall, and that can be handy

--- End quote ---

Nope, that was the spectrum analyzer they sold that had the battery option.

More channels or as independent time base for unsynchronized signals. Those are the main uses that come to mind. You will probably rarely use it due to the much smaller screen and inferior features. Look how often Dave uses his DS1052E since he get the Agilent scope.

Sell it on the forum here and give a youngling his chance to get his first DSO scope on the cheap!  :-+


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