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Velleman K7103 Compatible Software?



Does anybody know of any good full versions of DSO Software Compatible with the Velleman K7103 please?

I won a K7103 kit n.o.s. but the software was missing and Velleman have long deleted it!

There used to be something called Scope-IT Professional from which was compatible that wasn't too expensive, but the website is dead and long gone - the Wayback Machine archived the setup file but I can't buy the activation code any more!

Searching for "PC oscilloscope software" only gets me useless animated demo rubbish or soundcard-type rubbish, both of which are useless with this kit!

Chris Williams

Hello, if you are still interested I can send you the winDSO application which is the original software working with the K7103 kit. You can contact me by mail.
To the pleasure

If you can find it please post for others.

Not alot left in the world for DOS applications.

So found a few links here but seem to never download. ( tried all browsers and logging in)

I think this is the Windows software is here:

So managed to get this a new link from Velleman.

I got the Schematic

I really like the idea of an DOS PC scope! I have many of the parts on hand (still need the A/d converters (8703, Or could upgrade)

Any real experiences with it?


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