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VERY BASIC Agilent MSO-X 2024a Question

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I am a ham radio hobbyist and restore old radios and related audio and RF circuits mainly < 150 Mhz.  I have only used older analog scopes with plug-in modules like the Tek 7000 series and for the past 2 years a nice Rigol MSO model DS1102D.  As I am moving into microprocessor control
circuits on modern radios, I splurged and bought a Certiprime MSOX2024A.  I was very surprised to find that I cannot figure out how to set this scope up for one of my most basic needs, i.e., looking at 3 independent simple sine signals at very different frequencies, typically out of phase with each
other, at the same time.  I cannot for the life of me figure out how to set up individual triggers for each so I can have the scope in Run and see all three waveforms simultaneously.  I can set the scope to trigger on one channel at a time only while the other channel signals are a blur. The scope trigger control only allows one channel to be selected at any time.  Furthermore, on the very inexpensive Rigol MSO, I could easily set two different time base settings, e.g. 10ns and 50us for two channels, with different trigger for each channel and display both channels simultaneously.   How can such a sophisticated scope as the MSOX2024 not provide the same basic feature as the Rigol 1102?  I hope I am just not doing something right and  I feel incredibly stupid even after reading the manual.  Can some one offer me some basic advice please? 


Bad news. MSOX2024A has no alternate trigger. There is no way to watch 2 waveforms at different time base settings.  :--


--- Quote from: Hydrawerk on May 13, 2013, 01:24:10 am ---Bad news. MSOX2024A has no alternate trigger. There is no way to watch 2 waveforms at different time base settings.  :--

--- End quote ---

Really? I suddenly don't want it anymore.


--- Quote from: c4757p on May 13, 2013, 01:26:48 am ---Really? I suddenly don't want it anymore.

--- End quote ---

Agreed.  I was thinking about buying one in a year, but without this feature, I'll be going for a Rigol, I suppose.

What would be the best DSO/MSO scope in the MSOX2024a pricerange that has individual triggers for each channel, at least two channels?



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