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Vevor SDS1104 for first oscilloscope?

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Muttley Snickers:

--- Quote from: EvgenyG on May 03, 2024, 04:14:07 am ---
--- Quote from: Muttley Snickers on April 24, 2024, 09:51:11 am ---If the price is right then a used SDS1104XE in good condition would still be worth serious consideration particularly for somebody on a budget. If the OP is not in a desperate rush for a scope then this would be my recommendation, cheaper than new and far superior to what they are currently considering.

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I just saw someone buy a second hand SDS1104XE for 540 bucks+postage on aus ebay, so prices are not going down that much. New one is still close to 700 on AppVision. I think the scope market is just too slow in Australia and some people don't know about 800X series. We are still yet to see 800Xs here. Everybody else has them for sale but not Australia (and our friends across the ditch). Perhaps wait until the end of financial year to get better deals.

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I think it's still way too early to estimate or speculate on what is considered a fair price for a second hand SDS1104XE in Australia, and perhaps even for those who are updating. In fact, some are probably more likely to hang on to their previous model for a while until they are satisfied that it is no longer needed and only taking up space.

Also, I wouldn't use ebay as a guide as there are likely plenty of buyers whose only focus is the purchase of a good oscilloscope at a reasonable price and perhaps not even aware there is a new series available as you pointed out. I can speak from experience when I say that not everyone who seeks certain test equipment reads or frequents electronics discussion forums for information, I never did anyway.

I hate giving out secrets and revealing my sources but I discovered the best place to keeps tabs on prices and more importantly find well looked after pre-loved test equipment from reputable people is here, but don't tell anybody else they might put their prices up.


--- Quote from: kbrill on May 03, 2024, 05:29:11 pm ---Some Vevor items are well made , are an extremely very good value and perform very well . Other items are crudely made and  have multiple defects . Fortunately I used PayPal when ordering directly from their USA distributor recently . Even after I submitted a claim for an obviously  defective and unusable tool they made every possible effort to avoid a refund .

Purchasing it from Amazon with their excellent return policy is advised

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I guess I will find out. I used paypal for that reason. The 150 bucks was actually out of my budget and it is a lot more scope then I currently need. however having a scip gives me a logic analyzer so I will find a use.  I think Vevor in general just rebadges other products. However, there is some variance in products with the same model numbers. I just haven't seen other say owon or siglent knockoffs like you do for say soldering stations.

I also sent a message asking them about their compatibility because they mention upgrades in their description but offer none for sale, so I asked if you could use the siglent or owon upgrades.  I also asked for the compatibility of the SCIP commands, or a documented list of them.

We will see if they answer. :)

They said it was compatible with OWON, so most likely a rebadged OWON sds1104.

I received it. It came with 4 1x/10x probes.

It seems to work alright so far. It came with software on a dvd and a 95 page all english manual. Which has a big warning about the ground not being isolated and don't use it to measure AC..

I don't have a signal generator, but even the sloppy jagged output from the espressif idf dac cosine wave example on an esp32, jacked up to 1mhz is being picked up. It is done with an array in software so it is about what I expected. It doesn't have enough data points to make it look smooth like at lower frequencies.

This scope is current available for $232 Canadian with free shipping right now here in Canada.  At that price it could be worth it going on the specs alone.

As a first scope that you plan to learn on over a couple of years?  Then when you have more money sell it for $150 or so and get a decent $600 scope you intend to keep for a decade or so, it might not be a bad idea.  However, it would need to operate properly for that scenario to work for you.

It certainly seems to be made by the same people that make Hanmatek and Owon.  I note it comes with an internal power supply unlike the Hanmatek 4ch. model I saw in a YT video recently.  Maybe that attests to it being a better build  :-//

It's not going to be a Siglent or Rigol level instrument, but if it's just a short term learning tool that leads to something better, at the very least it will give you an added appreciation for what ever step up you take in the long run.

So, will you be our guinea pig and buy one to let others know what it's like?

And in the US it's $150, and $100 for the 2ch version:
(Unfortunately, around here it's $282 and $243.)


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